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Let's start positive, I like the whole idea and I shall enjoy trying to fulfill most of the achievements. lol One more thing to succeed at!

Unfortunately, I am having a slight difficulty with the Acheivements already. lol
I do not understand why this one is not acheived.

34. Halisux A-Count : Save 500,000 in the Credit Card (15P)

Credit Card: 22,220,365 EUR

Thanks for any explanation!
well i think thats a bug....

sorry bitchy, i dont have a explaination.

i am sure admin will look at it.

Here to Enjoy and Help.
Just ask!
its new so it will need a few things ironing out,has anyone tried the 25000 blood drops in the bank achievement, i think theres a bit of a problem with that one to,but i think its a great idea and bitchy i like your house renting idea Smile lol lets go rent a room
I have more drops than that in bank but still won't unlock it.
I accept the bug answer, so I say lets post ONCE per achievement any that do not seem to be working, so Admin has a list.

(56. BraveHeart : Win a total of 100,000 euro on Rock, Paper, Scissors. (30P)
Rock, Paper, Scissors (total): 200,000 is working now. Thanks!)
Question, though:
For the Island, which house is it and do you have to actually buy it or can you have owned it it the past? Number 19. Paradice.

Soul...Iam glad you like the renting idea. Renting a room for an hour though belongs in UWWNude! lol

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