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Change In Clan Creation
For Miss Bloody Bitch:

Ad By: BloodyBitch [849] | Added On: February 26
This is not rocket surgery folks!! After reading several definitions of the word "clan" they basically say the same
;A word to refer to a closely-knit group usually quite large and fiercly defensive of each other. Comes from the Clans of Scotland- who were blood relatives."
Either have a minimum number of people before you can establish a clan, or call them something else,, because they are certainly not clans!!
This could be worked out easily, by having some type of "pre-clan" staus, so that after you establish a clan, you have some time to get enough members!
FYI I know this is better suited in the board/forums, however after several tries again, I'm unable to log in!
This may not be the best idea, but at least it is AN idea.
Anything would be better!


My opinion... Trust me, running your own Clan is not as easy as it may appear, and recruiting for one is a ...well...Bear! LOL

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