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Chat Rules
Chat Rules...... update

I have decided to post the chat rules so as to make clear for all players what is ok and what not.
The chat is there for players to get to know each other, help out new players and in general have some fun. It is not to be used as a personal stage to vent frustration or intentionally hurt others.

Mild swearing words are ok as they are filtered any way but to be used in a * friendly way.

No direct name calling/insulting or using/wishing nasty illnesses to a player.

Mods are there to oversee the chat,responding to them is mandatory concerning chat behaviour and rule appliance.

If needed they will ban or kick after warning.

There is a seperate room in the chat for all role playing/fantasy/sexually tinted conversations.
This will not be acted out in the main room.

There is also an option to create a room,to be used to discuss any personal issues you might have with a player. A mods presence can be arranged if needed.

Common sence and decency also apply in the chat room, if you doubt what yousay iwill be * ok and within these rules......then its probably not ok.

If you have complaint about any player, file a report or mail, with proof.Both sides of the story will be investigated before taking further action. Mods and staff will not respond to * hearsay*.

Have Fun Smile

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