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Confirm Divorce?
Okay, I have a simple question. When you hit the "DIVORCE" button, is there no confirm button?

I know when I hit "SLEEP", I then have to confirm. Does "DIVORCE" just do it?

I ask because so many laugh about having hit the wrong button, and i am terrified I might do that to my husband.

If not, can one be added?Please?

Opinions welcome! Lets wake the boards back up!
no confirm, u must be sure on what u do Smile
That is evil, Admin! LOL :-D

Thanks for letting me know I am right to be so careful!
i agree bitchy, it doesnt make sense.

we will be careful and sure of what we do, but to err is human.

in that case why do we have a confirmation for "sleep with partner"??

Here to Enjoy and Help.
Just ask!

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