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Date with a vampire caught cheating
Its Better to be Stupid!!! Than to cheat!!! Big Hugs tooo ALL THE STAFF!!!! :oops: you did A GREAT JOB!!! Smile Smile Smile
Yes!! I was referring to all that chat "Log"!!! Its all full of nonsense & I can't go through all this!!! :x But that IS the proof of their cheating!!!
I devote enough hours in this game to feel REALLY BAD that because of some people so many has to suffer!!!

Great Going Guys... Keep it up!!!!! Smile Smile Smile
Maya[927] & [170]

[Image: meee003vo6.jpg]

A frown takes 18 muscles to form... A Smile takes ONLY Two. You CAN Smile in the dark days too.

So, DO Smile ALWAYS!!!

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