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Date with a vampire caught cheating
We have placed in Purgatory an entire clan today because they were using a 3rd party program to auto refresh and "farm" for blood drops.

the heads of this clan and all of its members were complicit in this we are posting a copy of the irc chat logs where they were discussing this for open viewing so you know the game is legit.

Gamesurge chat 2-1-09
Ahdez = Ma Xiao Ling
SG = D3vil
All other names should be obvious.

01:40 <ahdez> ok.. now, need to comfrim 1st.. WHO USES AUTO? how manuel?
01:40 <ahdez> who using wat..i am using auto
01:40 <an2> autto what?
01:40 <SiaoSYT> wad auto manal?
01:40 <TheHunter> i use manual
01:40 MistressVamp lost
01:41 <crusnik> way is auto?
01:41 <SiaoSYT> car arh?
01:41 <ahdez> blood drops.. who auto , manuel...
01:41 <ahdez> those who dont understand later will explain.
01:41 <TheHunter> me manual
01:42 <crusnik> manuaal
01:42 <an2> manual..
01:42 <ArcticLights> mostly manuel
01:42 <SiaoSYT> i dun understand
01:42 <SiaoSYT> explain?
01:42 <ahdez> artic.. u?
01:42 <MistressVamp> mi aso dun understand...
01:42 <ArcticLights> manuel
01:42 <ArcticLights> only use auto yesterday
01:43 <ahdez> as far as i,landy,biatch,dangerous,sg and dark uses auto..
01:43 <SiaoSYT> sry but dun mind explain?
01:43 <ahdez> siao n mv.. while u all were away these few days..
01:43 *** Connery joined #My_Date_With_a_Vampire [email protected] (Widget)
01:43 <ahdez> we found a way to suck blood drops.. FREE
01:43 <SiaoSYT> how?
01:43 <SiaoSYT> oh
01:43 <SiaoSYT> the wedding thing?
01:43 <ahdez> now no more.
01:43 <ahdez> ya
01:43 <SiaoSYT> i also heard of it
01:43 <SiaoSYT> but i got no time
01:44 <ahdez> from? when?
01:44 <UWWDangerous> I auto what?
01:44 <UWWDangerous> I was at the computer when getting my Blood drops
01:44 <ahdez> danger.. u use firefox auto? of f5?
01:44 *** SG_Make_Cake is now known as SG
01:44 <UWWDangerous> F5 enter
01:44 <UWWDangerous> What relevance does this have?
01:44 <ahdez> mai bluff....
01:45 <SiaoSYT> but now no more this thing
01:45 <SiaoSYT> ?
01:45 <ahdez> now all our accs are being checked..
01:45 <UWWDangerous> because of you?
01:46 <an2> so??
01:46 <ahdez> someone mail too many people to sell cheap.
01:46 <SG> huh
01:46 <ahdez> dont know who..
01:46 <ArcticLights> -.-
01:46 <ahdez> mail a lot of people want to sell his drops cheap..
01:46 <crusnik> THEN
01:46 <crusnik> ??
01:47 <TheHunter> @@
01:47 <SG> so now wat?
01:47 <tianya> ....
01:47 <ahdez> so staffs went to check his backlog...
01:47 *** ztatz joined #My_Date_With_a_Vampire <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->
01:47 <SiaoSYT> can we have the meeting?
01:47 <ahdez> n found that he keep refreshing..
01:47 <ahdez> forget it. i also dont want to find out who.. no time.
01:47 <ahdez> so now..
01:47 <ahdez> got to find a way to hide our drops.
01:48 <SiaoSYT> cuz im going off soon
01:48 <ahdez> if not.. i think if we got more than 500 on hand..sure tio check
01:48 <ahdez> so i suggest..all TT to clan vault..
01:48 <ztatz> hi
01:48 <ahdez> because clan vault is the only place, staffs can't see.. or check.
01:48 <ahdez> MV-- u need weapons?
01:49 <TheHunter> so whats the outcome now?
01:49 <TheHunter> but admin can check right?
01:49 <SG> admin can check
01:49 <SiaoSYT> ahdez
01:49 <SiaoSYT> i need weapon
01:49 <ahdez> admin..check vault, all say donate to clan... wat can he do?
01:49 <ahdez> we never use..
01:49 <ahdez> siao-wat u using now?
01:49 <MistressVamp> ahdez got wat weapon ?
01:49 <MistressVamp> away for a few days now very lost
01:49 <SG> MV i got sniper u want?
01:50 <SiaoSYT> rapier
01:50 <UWWDangerous> sweet
01:50 <UWWDangerous> level 25
01:50 <TheHunter> so we TT to vault now?
01:50 *** mib_wjccrt joined #My_Date_With_a_Vampire [email protected] (Widget)
01:50 <ahdez> i think best is like that.
01:50 <crusnik> one more member in
01:50 <SiaoSYT> dez-i using rapier
01:50 <ahdez> who is this..mib?
01:50 *** mib_wjccrt is now known as chinese
01:51 <ahdez> chinese?
01:51 <crusnik> ??
01:51 <chinese> devel
01:51 *** Ginger joined #My_Date_With_a_Vampire <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->
01:51 <ahdez> lim pay ANG MO.
01:51 <chinese> devil
01:51 <Ginger> wtf
01:51 <SG> who is chinese??
01:51 <ahdez> ginger?
01:51 <Ginger> ahdez?
01:51 <Ginger> IS IT REALLY YOU?!
01:51 <ahdez> siao,mv--later u TT u all weapons n bodyguards..
01:51 *** chinese is now known as chinese_devil
01:52 <SG> who is chinese?? who is giner
01:52 <SG> ginger
01:52 <SG> indent urself
01:52 <Ginger> who is SG
01:52 <ahdez> si mi lan..
01:52 <SG> or face kick
01:52 <SG> in 10 count
01:52 <SG> 10
01:52 <SG> 9
01:52 <SG> 8
01:52 <SG> 7
01:52 <SG> 6
01:52 <SG> 5
01:52 <SG> 4
01:52 <SG> 3
01:52 <Connery> not my clan , go ahead
01:52 <Ginger> some faggot mib advertised your gay channel
01:52 <Ginger> STOP ET
01:52 <Ginger> its annoying
01:52 <SG> who are u
01:52 <Ginger> now kick me, i demand it
01:52 <MistressVamp> ???
01:52 <Connery> just kick
01:53 <crusnik> wth??
01:53 *** Ginger was kicked by tianya (Ginger)
01:53 <Connery> or u can write down their ip
01:53 <crusnik> ok lets carry on the meeting
01:53 <crusnik> dez...
01:54 <chinese_devil> meeting bout wat?
01:54 <ahdez> chinese devil?
01:54 <Connery> is it a clan meeting, i can leave if u want
01:54 <ahdez> oh..MO...
01:54 <ahdez> ok now....
01:54 <ahdez> TT to vault?
01:54 <MistressVamp> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> <---- juz kena atk online sia
01:54 <ahdez> i say..WE DO
01:54 <MistressVamp> -.-
01:54 <SG> chinese
01:55 <ahdez> MV..mail him for med..before i wack him.
01:55 <chinese_devil> i log off awhile...restart pc
01:55 *** chinese_devil quit (Quit: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> ajax IRC Client) [email protected]
01:55 <SG> who is chinese_devil
01:55 <ahdez> MO
01:55 <crusnik> who is that?
01:55 <ahdez> ok..2ndly..
01:55 <SG> wtf
01:55 <SG> toto who
01:56 <Connery> LANDY???
01:56 <ahdez> so how..ALL TT TO VAULT?
01:56 <ahdez> comfirm.. YES
01:56 <SG> TT all BD?
01:56 <BIaTcH> i ok
01:56 <crusnik> all tt to vault
01:56 <ArcticLights> k
01:56 <ahdez> ok.. then on..
01:56 <an2> i dont have BD
01:56 <tianya> okie
01:56 <ahdez> dangerous?
01:56 <Connery> lol, TT for what, there's nothing they can do
01:57 <ztatz> hi, i have missed
01:57 <ztatz> tt what?
01:57 <ArcticLights> blood drops
01:57 <ahdez> ttention: Any player found to be exploiting a loophole and or found to be "farming " of either money or blood drops will have their drops and cash confiscated and their accounts placed in Purgatory for an extended length of time. this is covered under common sense rules and will not be tolerated you will receive no warning past this announcement.
01:58 <tianya> Attention: Any player found to be exploiting a loophole and or found to be "farming " of either money or blood drops will have their drops and cash confiscated and their accounts placed in Purgatory for an extended length of time. this is covered under common sense rules and will not be tolerated you will receive no warning past this announcement.
01:58 <ahdez> liao liao
01:58 <BIaTcH> i suggest whoever sell blood drops below 2k own up
01:58 <BIaTcH> esp in large quantities
01:58 <SG> so
01:58 <crusnik> siao liao
01:58 <SG> this mean wat
01:58 <SiaoSYT> wah
01:58 <SiaoSYT> siao liao lor
01:59 <SiaoSYT> i got 750 BD leh
01:59 <SG> mean they going to forget about it ?
01:59 <ahdez> see..they use the word..FARMING....
01:59 <ahdez> which we definately someone act smart.. has been talking on game mail.
01:59 <ahdez> i suggest.. whoever..OWNs up now.
02:00 <SG> not me
02:00 <SG> i never talk in mail
02:00 <BIaTcH> cb here also got tao kia
02:00 <ArcticLights> not me either
02:00 <Connery> same here, not me
02:00 <BIaTcH> def not me
02:00 <TheHunter> not me too..i aso nv mail anything abt this
02:00 <UWWDangerous> I've only been leveling
02:00 <crusnik> knn piang eh
02:00 <tianya> not me i msn
02:00 <UWWDangerous> only mails I get are from busting
02:01 <UWWDangerous> or when I owe someone meds lol
02:01 <SiaoSYT> cfm not me
02:01 <SiaoSYT> i 1 day online not even 3 hrs
02:01 <SiaoSYT> i jus do clubbing onli
02:01 <UWWDangerous> We get reqarded for quick level gains right?
02:02 <ahdez> my chat from staffs..was that someone sold blood drops underprice too low and in big amount..
02:02 <ahdez> thats was when the bubble burst..
02:02 <ahdez> i thought we set a rule at $2100?
02:02 <SG> i follow wat BIaTcH said
02:02 <BIaTcH> i only sold below dat price to flying dragon
02:03 <BIaTcH> from same clan
02:03 <ahdez> someone must have sold in bulks near the 1800 region or even lower.
02:03 <ArcticLights> i only sell 2100
02:03 <BIaTcH> i saw in newspapers
02:03 <crusnik> 2100 yes
02:03 <BIaTcH> pple advert for 1.5k each
02:03 <an2> sell to me..
02:03 *** chinese_devil joined #My_Date_With_a_Vampire [email protected] (Widget)
02:03 <an2> cheap2 la..
02:03 <ahdez> swee..1500.... must be 1 of u..
02:04 <crusnik> wah piang
02:04 <UWWDangerous> Admin was told specifically of the bug
02:04 <UWWDangerous> ...
02:04 <UWWDangerous> From what I've heard
02:05 <TheHunter> i nv sell these few days..all own useage
02:05 *** DarKShadow21 joined #My_Date_With_a_Vampire [email protected]
02:05 +++ ChanServ has given op to DarKShadow21
02:05 <ahdez> that newspaoer ad was taken off...
02:05 <ahdez> whoever sold at 1500
02:05 <ArcticLights> <@EvilErica[942]> and I know that process is going on, so I'm happy
02:05 <ArcticLights> <@shisha> what the fuck is farming?
02:05 <ArcticLights> * DarKShadow21 ([email protected]) has joined #UnderWorldWar
02:05 <ArcticLights> * ChanServ sets mode: +o DarKShadow21
02:05 <ArcticLights> <rle68> but im getting emails saying people are sending 100;s of drops to their clans to hide them now
02:05 <ArcticLights> <@shisha> other than my tomatoes
02:06 *** crusnik1 joined #My_Date_With_a_Vampire [email protected] (Widget)
02:06 <ahdez> hummm...
02:06 <BIaTcH> wah cb
02:06 <ahdez> artic.. get from where? the post?..which forum
02:06 <crusnik1> sorry dc
02:06 <BIaTcH> the tao kia is here loh
02:06 <ArcticLights> #underworldwar
02:06 <ahdez> i think from our clan
02:07 *** GoldenDragon joined #My_Date_With_a_Vampire <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e --> (Widget)
02:07 <tianya> knn
02:07 <BIaTcH> we only juz talked aBT tt the drops
02:07 *** mib_k6id49 joined #My_Date_With_a_Vampire [email protected] (Widget)
02:07 <BIaTcH> n got pple send mails out alrdy?
02:07 <GoldenDragon> hallo
02:07 <BIaTcH> ccb
02:07 <ahdez> mid is who
02:07 <ahdez> kick
02:07 *** mib_k6id49 was kicked by BIaTcH (mib_k6id49)
02:08 <SG> eh
02:08 <SG> dont kick so fast
02:08 <SG> must let them change to their nick
02:08 <BIaTcH> orh
02:08 *** crusnik quit (Quit: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> ajax IRC Client) [email protected]
02:08 <crusnik1> so...
02:09 <UWWDangerous> hmm
02:09 *** crusnik1 is now known as crusnik
02:09 <UWWDangerous> I need more people to attack!
02:10 <ahdez> i suggest...
02:10 <ahdez> all sell to blood temple..for $200 each..
02:10 <ahdez> better than keep 4000-5000 drops on hand
02:10 <UWWDangerous> lol
02:10 <UWWDangerous> ahd
02:11 <an2> if we use to train can??
02:11 <UWWDangerous> You reward mass leveling aye?
02:11 <UWWDangerous> I've gained 11 levels today
02:11 <ahdez> no
02:11 <ahdez> too obvious
02:12 <SG> [15:11] <rle68> now the word is out, we are watching the next level 4 player with 5500 blood drops better have 5000 dolars worth of dps
02:12 <tianya> think too fast lvl up they also will check
02:12 <ahdez> i think BARD n Leipe..
02:13 <SG> he syaing 4 player
02:14 <ahdez> i can argue..
02:14 <tianya> the 4th player
02:14 <ahdez> say i buy packs.. then exchange days for blood drops.

we do this so your game is held to a higher standard and is fair to you all

Thank you game staff
[Image: SOA-banner.gif]
I only read like half :lol:
Big Grin I suggest that NO ONE under estimate the staff.
We will not tolerate cheating in any way shape or form.
We are not supid. Please try to remember that if you want to cheat in the future.
For all the NON cheating players.. The ones that are honestly getting to where they are by playing the game before you as it should be played.
[Image: cheekygold.jpg]
I love it when Rickyboy bites me !
Excellent job staff!!!
I was wondering how can they sell so many drops and another things...
For god sake it's just a game.
Well i hope those who really chated will stay fedjail...but they maybe some innocent ones and i am sure Staff will look into it and let them free to play the game and enjoy Wink

Good job anyway...everyone was freaking out as they were going higher and higher by the minut... :o
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
Yes.. They really messed up by their greed.
they could not help themselves but showing off all their wealth and power.
I play this game 14 hours a day almost. I donate every single week and I still had no way of making the drops and money they had.. We knew there was something wrong.. We just had to work out what it was..
it helped too that some HONEST players also helped us get a heads up on what was going on..
Well.,For now at least, I hope it sets an example to those that find loop holes and glitches.. Your fortune will be short lived..

Please lets all try and enjoy the game again Big Grin
[Image: cheekygold.jpg]
I love it when Rickyboy bites me !
NOPE,, The whole clan is in jail until we finish investigating exactly WHO has been doing this..
Unfortunetly for the ones in jaill.. Admin had a program he can run to see the exact movements of every member.. Only those ones that were NOT cheating will be unjailed.. But we will hold them all where they are until admin finishes.. : :?

Thankyou vicious..for your words..
[Image: cheekygold.jpg]
I love it when Rickyboy bites me !
I have been a member of this clan, but i have never even logged in to that chat and because of the timezone difference didn't have any contact to the other members. I don't even know what they were talking about in that chat.

Please check the logs and you will see i just have 250 blood drops in my blood bank and i didn't sell any blood drops for 3 or more days. All the blood drops i ever got in that game came from scavenging the streets, lucky boxes or doing the normal dare-devils in the club.

Seems i'm just punished for being a member of this clan ... which will hopefully been changed soon ...
To all the admin and whoever ELSE worked to put a stop to the cheating, Great Job! Thanks for jailing them. I sit at my computer 10 hours or more a day to get where I am and don't need players who pad their stats, money or blood drops by cheating.I will never understand why people would cheat in a game but I guess it takes all kinds. AGAIN GREAT JOB STAFF!

"I started this game with nothing..I still have most of it left."

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