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Delete Clan.
Sometimes, when at War, it is hopeless, and a Clan President has to make the tough decision to surrender. When that surrender is not accepted, why can't she delete the Clan, if she deems it best for her members?
Okay, no response.

Fine. New question, why can new Presidents not change the type Clan they control? Give us a chance to learn what we are doing before going for war. Not that it matters, I see life support machines are now surrounding the game.
I agree Bitchy.There should be option to delete clan at any point.

As for clan type,it should also be permitted.Maybe take some respect points when it's changed to peaceful clan.
Excellent idea about taking Respect points, Hound. It would slow people down from flipping back and forth lightly.

As for deleting your Clan, I doubt any President would make that move lightly.
i never knew why we couldnt delete a clan during a war. as well i thought as long as you are under 5 members you cannot declare war or be in one. seems i am in 2 now and i dont get it.

i will like to have the option of deleting my clan anytime or change it into peaceful as well. so yes i agree with miss BB in this matter. Wink
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