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I find it incrediably irratating when you buy your house and then when finally ready to upgrade can not remember what i paid for
Or people will ask me what the costs are of houses that are before mine and I can not see it.
So.. As requested by a member I will leave a list here for you for a quick reference,

Homeless 0 Blood bar= 100
Dumpster: 5000 Blood bar= 150
Wooden box: 35,000 Blood bar= 200
Coffin at funeral home: 55,000 Blood bar= 350
Crypt in cemetery: 100,000 Blood bar= 450
Basement in ghetto: 150,000 Blood bar= 600
Warehouse in underworld: 300,000 Blood bar= 750
Abandoned factory in waterland: 550,000 Blood bar= 900
Halfway house in waterland: 750,000 Blood bar= 1000
Condo in werewolves land 1,000,000 Blood bar= 1200

Gated house in underworld 1,500,000 Blood bar= 1400
Loft in Transylvania 3,000,000 Blood bar= 1700
Penthouse in waterland 5,000,000 Blood bar= 1900
Ranch in werewolves land 10,000,000 Blood bar= 2200
Mansion in Transylvania 15,000,000 Blood bar= 2500
Office building in cities of vampires 30,000,000 Blood bar= 3000
Transylvanian castle 50,000,000 Blood bar= 3500
Man made paradise ( island of Dubai ) 100,000,000 Blood bar= 5000
[Image: cheekygold.jpg]
I love it when Rickyboy bites me !
check our my sig....617.

but i seems to miss out a few... if possible , let me know where u been to... thanks...
Big Grin
thanks alot for the housing cost. now just hoping for the blood school cost.
check my sig also.. :lol:
This helps alot, thankyou!
Will houses be sold at full purchase value so that we don't lose any money? Smile
I don't think men with evil plans wear hooded towels.
You wont loose any money.
Pewrsonally though. Make sure you bank your house before the 2pm change over..
If the money is in your hand you will get robbed..
So please everyone.. Sell your house before the changeover at 2pm and bank your cash...
Also.. Please remember that when buying your 'new' house you blood will drop to zero..
If you have 20 popularity points you can trade 20 points for a full blood refill.
Other than that it will takes a few hours to refill..
While it is low you will not be very successfull at crimes and you will get basically nothing for your training.
So Please be aware there will be allot of attacking around this time as people try to use their energy.

So.. Please bank your money and I think would be a good idea to have meds handy also..
The new house are great Big Grin
Much more Vampire related. Big Grin
[Image: cheekygold.jpg]
I love it when Rickyboy bites me !
I have a question on houses are they gonna be just new pictures with a vampire theme? like i have small island will it be the same with new picture
and are there gonna be better houses or should i just sgut up and wait till tomm Smile
They are all completly different houses..
For instance right now i have the royal castle. Worth 9 million and I recieve 850 blood bar..
I will have to go back to the 5million house as there is no new 9 million one and the 5 million house i recieve a 1900 blood bar..
The next house from then is 10 million. 15 million i think and so forth..
So no.. All the house will be different and the island is not the biggest house now..
I think it goes up to 500 million.. there is allot of them.
We have not got all the pictures yet but staff is working on collecting them..

I think you will all be happier with the housing after the initial change over is done..
Just again..please try to sell it yourself before the dead line and BANK your money...
[Image: cheekygold.jpg]
I love it when Rickyboy bites me !
allright that sounds great love all the new happenings in this game

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