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Please note this is the info I got 2 days ago and admin could have changed then when adding them. So this is the original idea and hopefully it is still the same.
So in ragards to everyones messages worried they will be worst off.. I think you can clearly see you wont be. Big Grin
We will all know tomorrow Big Grin
Tell everyone you know to log in and bank as i suspect some of the meaner players will take advantage of this and go on a robbing rampage.
Its expected

Homeless 0 Blood bar= 100
Dumpster: 5000 Blood bar= 150
Wooden box: 35,000 Blood bar= 200
Coffin at funeral home: 55,000 Blood bar= 350
Crypt in cemetery: 100,000 Blood bar= 450
Basement in ghetto: 150,000 Blood bar= 600
Warehouse in underworld: 300,000 Blood bar= 750
Abandoned factory in waterland: 550,000 Blood bar= 900
Halfway house in waterland: 750,000 Blood bar= 1000
Condo in werewolves land 1,000,000 Blood bar= 1200

Gated house in underworld 1,500,000 Blood bar= 1400
Loft in Transylvania 3,000,000 Blood bar= 1700
Penthouse in waterland 5,000,000 Blood bar= 1900
Ranch in werewolves land 10,000,000 Blood bar= 2200
Mansion in Transylvania 15,000,000 Blood bar= 2500
Office building in cities of vampires 30,000,000 Blood bar= 3000
Special House
(only available in 100 city.)
( Transylvanian castle ) 50,000,000 Blood bar= 3500
Man made paradise ( island of Dubai ) 100,000,000 Blood bar= 5000
[Image: cheekygold.jpg]
I love it when Rickyboy bites me !

Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock:

me too ... $101480000

well, I'm tempted, but I won't touch it
the new homes are lovely Big Grin
[Image: 73300b0262.jpg]

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem
Thanks alot for the comments on the houses the staff and my game wife becca spent a good amount of time sorting through the pics to find cool stuff for our game

hope you all like them
[Image: SOA-banner.gif]
i lost out on my house i never got to bank it i was away and didn't get the news until i got back so i guess that meens that i must have lost the money also oh well but if i could get the money back that would be great i had a small hoe the 150k at the time.
All the money went into your credit card account.. It did not go into your hand.
So please check credit card as what ever house you had the money would have went there..
Admin set it up this way to prevent any mass robs.
[Image: cheekygold.jpg]
I love it when Rickyboy bites me !
I have a question about the houses. Newbie question I know. What is the value of the house? Is it just a status thing or does it help your stats by owning one? I am homeless now and am just going to school, going to he club and training to get me started -----Should I purchase a house or leave my money in the bank till I move up-----will buying a house help me move up faster? Thanks
Your house is probably the most important aspect of the game.. ALWAYS be saving for the next house.
*It makes your crimes more successfull
*It allows you to do bigger crimes therefore getting more exp for crimes and more money
*It gives you more stats per training. ie: the bigger the blood bar the house has the more stats you get each workout.

So yes.. Please get yourself a house and always be aiming for the next one..
Big Grin
[Image: cheekygold.jpg]
I love it when Rickyboy bites me !
Thank you

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