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Hello, please tell us more about you :-)
Hey guys!

For those of you who doesnt know me, i am Luminessa.
I come from a little Balkanian country known as Croatia, the land of partying and natural beauties.
I was born in the worst weather, snow storm in January 92'. But that's okay, it only made me stronger Wink hehe
Now i am 22 and i am engaged and live with the man of my life.
I am easy going and cool about everything, but don't push your luck with me, cause you only get like a hundred chances Tongue

*hugs and kisses to all* Heart

(08-22-2014, 10:09 PM)admin Wrote: Hello, please tell us more about you :-)

Sup!! People I hope everyone enjoys the game if need help ask in game I go by Darkith
i am 19 Yrs Old Huge Gamer I know about HTML And Java Script But Currently Studying to be a Surgeon Big Grin Cool
I'm Stormwolf...Stormy. Used to go by another name, but changed it when I came back from a long break from the game.

Currently, I'm in Colorado, but started in Nevada. I'm probably one of the oldest players...both ingame and oldest son is 28.
Hi there Big Grin I'm Kitten, aka Kitt. I am a college student currently studying Neuropsychology and Anthropology/Sociology. I LOVE animals and some people Wink Ummm. . . I am 18 and was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. My favorite color is teal. . . I love cooking, cleaning, and mothering, so when I grow up I really just want to be a wife and mother xD My happy places are the Oregon coast walking in the surf or hiking in the redwood forests. I am an atheist, a poet, and a very cynical 18 year old, simply because life has given me reason to be so far. So. . . There I am xD

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