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Mallepa recruiting
Mallepa has space for one active member (logging in at least once daily).

Mallepa is equal pay to all members regardless of level - 85% of earnings from each organized crime goes to members. 15% is for clan costs--clan improvement and clan investment. Clan improvement includes member contests, like leveling incentives. This will change to 90%/10% split when the clan begins to make more money.

Currently Mallepa has a clan guard to prevent clan war.
[Image: 46195d94fa435a_flip.png]
Our clan was full before, but we have one more spot now. We may be able to open two or even three spots if crimes continue to be so profitable. Any active player is welcome, of any level, including members of clans destroyed by war. Pay is daily and equal for all members. Mallepa is protected by clan guard, and clan guards will continue to be replaced before running out.
[Image: 46195d94fa435a_flip.png]

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