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New clan auto kick rule
I think there should be an option to give a reason for being inactive for 10 days. For example, if one were to go on vacation, they should not be penalized by losing the chance for the "# of days in clan" trophy. There really should be a way to get around this. Instead of punishing everyone.

Yes, my clan was one of the ones with ONE inactive member, but we were trying to get her to play the game. Then she was just suddenly gone from the clan. A little warning would have been nice there, instead of wondering what happened and then not seeing the announcement posted until much later that night. But, that's another topic all together.

There really, really needs to be a way around this for the honest players.
Quote:To any of our members, if you get kicked for the 10-day inactive and you have told Dave or myself you were on vacation or gone for whatever reason your spot will be there for you when you get back.

This is EXACTLY what my point is.... If I go on a vacation & come back afetr 10 days.. I'll have to suffer the following......

1) I'll see that my job payments are gone...

2) I'll see that I was in a clan for more than 50 days.. I'm kicked from my clan, even if I've Informed my Prez. or VP that means my clan payments are gone along with my days in a clan trophy...

3) I can't even bank the money because now you'll not get any interest because of the cap...

4) I won't be able to Igor the money too because the Igor will be gone too...

5) If I give the money to some player.... He/She will SURELY refuse to give it back to me.. & If I inform the game management I'll get a reply that We can't do anything...

I think the next step will be they will DELETE our Account if we were absent for 15 days... :cry: :cry: :cry:

Last time when I left the game... I Left the clan myself saying that no one should suck out clan respect out of me... :x

I gave away some med. s to a certain player... with a note that I'll take it back when I'll return. But when I came back & mailed him he said I can't remember what you gave me.... :o :o :o Confusedhock: There was no help in mailing the management!!! Sad

I gave away 15 Million Game Money & more than 400 drops... when I came back & asked for the money... the concerned person said, "I should rather NOT give you the money back!!"!! :o
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As i said there are not many people in this game who will do as you Boss , sry but thats the truth. And Admin , me or the others really dont have the time to check every clan , every member to see who was active and inactive to let know Admin who is the only one who can kick someone out of a clan...fromdb. I cant ...and none else can do tell me why the extra work when we decided not 5days inactivity but 10days..? Isnt that better then 3-5days? We made it better but still i get complains...

A guy wrote to me early that he is getting married in RL and he will be more then 10days away..well i said congrats first..but instead of thinking of the game shouldnt you think of your marriage and rl stuff ????? :o ..especially now ???

From my point of view this is a good update as..those money who the inactive players make shouldnt be there in the first place. Inactive means no money no items nothing...INACTIVE !!! Wink

Sorry but this update wont go will can complain argue about it but we wont change it and thats the end of it... :roll:
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Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
Wouldn't the game make more money from dp's if the player complaints were listened to and addressed? Making all the existing players mad doesn't seem like a good marketing strategy to me...
A way round this is to make all active players join the clan OC. This stop clans from taking advantage and making money from inactive players, or you can make it more complex by getting the P or VP to only be able to select players that have been active within the past 24 hours or so to join the OC.
I still don't see why the fuss about this update. It makes no sense. & to think this complaining started because one member wanted to bring some more attention to herself in the paper.

Some of the other announcements, yeah I can see where members might take issue with them. But this update actually makes sense & gives you a longer period of inactivity than most games.
Okay, if this is all complaining instead of voicing opinions, then what's the difference? And who cares? People like to vent about everything! Lol

Anyway, since this new rule is going to stay, I've noticed a problem. There are two guilds which no longer have any members. Yet the clans still have a pres and vp listed when you click on them. Point being, if everyone in the clan was kicked from the clan, shouldn't the clan be deleted? Seems kind of pointless to have phantom guilds cluttering up the clan page.

There, no complaining!
Those clans with no members will be soreted out ASPA..Sorry but you know I got RL job, RL family & bf and many more...Admin the same...etc etc etc..

Usually we make changes and updates more in the bare with us for a while...we try to sort out lots of stuff right now..including new city 300, which btw everyday a new item is made and we ask lots of opinions ..some players gave ideas and have been taken in consideration by making the item...etc etc Wink

But this update will stay here and wont be changed. Is for the best of this game... Big Grin
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
I understand completely. I just mentioned it on the off chance it slipped under the radar.
I run my game after my own strategy. And i have my reasons why this "kick out of the clan" for inactive members is added. Ps. being inactive for more days and getting paid from u`r job, gives the chance to players to rob youWink. Topic Closed.

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