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On-Line Attacks
There are pluses to online attacks, as well as negatives. Let's use this thread to discuss them.

Myself, I see many who "trade" on-line attacks with friends, or even give them away, if the attacker supplies the meds and Red Bulls. I personally think this is the best way to go, after all, why should another player pay for your experience?

It is just a matter of courtesy. After all, the other players are real people also, they are not here just to be treated as NPCs. Sometimes, it seems we all forget that.
Its about time this topic was brought into the light, its a sensitive subject for many. I think it all has to do with ego's.

Of course its no fun to be attacked online but I ask, is it really that bad? Can only be done 12x. To be onlined and not do it yourself is own personal choice, but no whining about it if it does happen. Others take exp by onlining, well any one can do the same.

Another player pays for the exp you take, that is true but when you are onlined, you pay for another player taking exp from you, so there is balance...

seeing as there are not many options to gain exp, this would be the positive side to it as you can get more.

Maybe we all should not take it so personally and realise that it does have benefits.

This is a war game, not a social activities club.....

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