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Whoa, that's hot! *Pictures*
Too funny Immy.. I think you should start a new thread on that one..
Ok.Before immy posts photos of her 9
Could you please 'all' keep the photos in forums to a minimum..
Admin set upo our photo gallery for that.
As yet hardly anyone uses the photo gallery so it would be nice if people upladed pics and things into there..
In fact if i get time today i met upload some of my horse's pics in there as I love showing them off.. Big Grin
[Image: cheekygold.jpg]
I love it when Rickyboy bites me !
immy Wrote:uh oh.

i am going to have to try very hard to not upload my menagerie.
as i'm typing this i'm looking at my white cottonwool dog cuddled up with the albino bunny trying to figure out where one starts and the other ends.

i know this is off topic, but i read somewhere that in america there are more guns then household pets. so what i want to know is....what's your animal to gun ratio Big Grin ?

mine is currently 9:0

I told you that you and all of your pets are more than welcome to move in with me. Wink

My current pet:gun ratio is somewhere in the 1:10. (But I have 2 pets. Wink )
Hmmm perhaps i need to show my rabbit as well..she is a bitch :mrgreen:

black and mean to everybody Big Grin

Ps: and some pics of mine...phawww...perhaps i should as my ex-husband . he already got 2 on his profile and he is so hot... 8-)

[Image: 2008034-1.jpg]
me and my little one on Xmas Eve somewhere in Hyde Park Big Grin

[Image: DSC_1691.jpg]
my little black "bitch" :lol:
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
First time in the ocean, San Diego, CA 2009
[Image: meincali.jpg]

Carbondale, Illinois, August 2012
[Image: image201208040003-1.jpg]
[Image: UWWsiggy1.jpg]

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