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Your favourite vampire movies?
I just saw 'underworld 3' 2 days ago and loved it.. so right now thats a favourite
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I love it when Rickyboy bites me !
1410967 Wrote:You said only 5???

indeed ... only5? ... and (almost) all of you add underworld and blade to your top 5? ... sorry, but - I've seen them, I liked them and I had a good laugh, but they don't qualify ... too much fighting, too many guns and by far not enough vampirishness

my suggestions:

Nosferatu - eine Symphonie des Grauens (Symphony of Horrors) by F.W. Murnau, 1922, b/w, silent ... with the one and only Max Schreck

The Hunger (1983), Catherine Deneuve thinks that Susan Sarandon is yummy

The Addiction by Abel Ferrara (1995), b/w ... C. Walken acts quite cool in this one

Fantome de la Nuit (Nosferatu the Vampyre), by W. Herzog, Klaus Kinski bites Mlle Isabelle Adjani

[sigh] just one more ... well
Dracula cerca sangue di vergine (Andy Warhol's Dracula), yep, Warhol, but I like his Frankenstein movie better

oops ... I completely forgot about mentioning Bela Lugosi ... sorry
My favorite Vampire movies are numerous:
Underworld Series
Van Helsing
Twilight Series

When I think of more I will post them.
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