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Full Version: Turf Wars.. updated
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Turf Wars !!

Want to earn some good money for the clan ? turf generates money from all who go to the city the owned turf is in.
Want to fight the * right way ?
Get some valuable battle practice done ?

Fight for the Turf!

Clan to Clan, simple and direct.

Rules in short:

Only pres and vp can declare battle.
You have to be in the city you want turf from to declare on clan who has turf in same city.
No bombs allowed, if used, you lose....
Online attacking is part of the game so keep in mind that can happen,but of course that works both ways.
Tip: swap onlines daily with a friend.
50 kills needed to win 1 turf.
Vp or pres must check back regulary to update kills in turf feature.
Last but not least.....

If any clan crosses the line from being bloodthirsty to harrassment. blackmail or bullying, they will be dealt with accordingly.

This feature as all in the game are meant to be fun! lets all try to keep it that way.

Lets Rumble!