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Full Version: How is possible to be online for +20hours per day !!!
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Ok, boys and girls...i will like to know how is that possible..i was advise to use the forum on this matter so here i am..

How many of you are online everyday for +20hours? How you manage with only 3-4hours of sleep? Anything special you use? Big Grin

I am just curious lool
If u really want to know u should 1st check this.

Most of the games use the captcha system to avoid bots so players train and do crimes automatically, but they fail to make it work with refreshers. Check how effective is the captcha system to avoid this.
Since i gather ur post means that u spotted more than one doing this either they share the same programm or they work independantly.

I can name u a game where it doesnt work properly and players can bypass the captch every 5 mins. Start by adding a programm to monitor the click the player makes and which pages he/she access and every how many seconds.

Check the effeciency of the captcha first of all
My guesses would be thus:

More than One Person is using the account (ie: multiple people in the same home/Dorm etc)

Or someone who quite literally has nothing better to do with their time/money.

I know a retired guy that is well off enough that he plays Word of Warcraft about 14-16 hours a day.
We all know how is it done....
If you have no life and enough free time,you can play 16 hours every day,but 20 plus....I don't think so.
Hei , i know enough people without a job and staying at home playing games...but still they dont spend +20hours online ....for a GAME :o

thats insane....even with a program as you say Ejac...still i dont believe its possible to stay so long online...and i intent to believe Hexeter...2people playing on same account... :roll:
I will not forbid to players to not play. They are free to play, from work, home.. from cellphone in the car and so on.
I ONLY forbid the refreshers. IF i caught someone using refreshers he will go in purgatory without prior notice. Hope all of you will think, and agree to play the game fair, as i am fair and let all of you playing the game free from any place.
Enjoy the game. Topic Locked.
I played a game 24 hours once.