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1000 Busts! - Bitchy Bear - 03-24-2009

Congratulations to my wonderful husband Lobogris on his 1000th bust! Without you, many of us would have spent a lot more time behind bars instead of enjoying the game.

Note: Soon after reset, I also made it to this mile-stone. I do believe Lobo and I are the first couple to both be in the "1000 Busts Club".

Congratulations and my thanks to my loving husband. Neither of us could have done it without the other.

Re: 1000 Busts! - KissME - 03-25-2009

Congrats Big Grin

I still have 600 to go ROLF

RE: 1000 Busts! - ADN69 - 09-22-2015

The bust achievements now it's not so good implemented.
There are few active players, but with those monthly resets we will never can achieve 500 or 1000 busts to unlock #18 or #41.

RE: 1000 Busts! - admin - 09-22-2015

alright, i will make it lower.