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Food for Thought
Emergency Surgery is being abused...but I have no suggestion on how to correct it so I said nothing. lol I guess consider it the "Poor Man's Protection".

My question is why do some of the people most agressive about attacking others feel the need to protect themselves from attack while offline, and not in a war? Maybe this should be a seperate thread, I would really like to hear a reasonable explanation of why. Heck, I usually go offline unarmed, hoping to offer experience to others. Offline attacks do not bother me at all.

BloodHound is right as he so often is. If a Clan is to switch from one type to the other, it should also cost a percentage of the Clan's repect. I say percentage because the amounts of respect each Clan has varies so widely, and there is no need to eliminate the option from a small Clan, or to make a large, powerful one not feel the respect cost.
There should be a maximum difference in age in order to be married. That would go a long way in stopping the abuse of the banking system.

As far as my thoughts on protection I am thinking that a war can not be declared by a clan that has any members actively using protection (unfair to let them all get nice and invincible before they declare). Protection can be purchased but not used for the first 24 hours of a war. This way both clans have time to attack and prepare (purchase protection).

Emergency surgery seems pointless. It is simply abused by those who do not wish to be attacked when offline. It serves no purpose as far as I am concerned.
The clan type change is available only from Peacefull to BloodThirsty and not viceversa, so it`s ok.
As for Emergency Surgery, i can increase the costs. Today i test it too, and i was unsucessful .. and got 6000 mins in hosp Smile .. so it`s not working all the time Wink
BloodHound Wrote:What is the point in going to war against clan who have one or two player stronger than everyone in your clan?You can't do nothing,even if you can beat rest of the clan.There top player(s) are stronger and they keep you in hospital.That is no war,that is slaughter.
I agree with time limit on wars.As we have seen there has been some ridiculous wars in past.

I dont play the game anymore but i still can say my opinion and i will talk from experience. I played lots of online game and 3D games for a very long time.

Now what mister BH says is more or less true. If a clan has 2-3top players that is not a war anymore. Is their game and nobody`s else. And believe me i know as i was in that position and i got bored of "killing" clans and players after 1week. As well i have been in the other position when i was a weak player and got to stay away from the game for being attacked continues and of course i gave up in the end...

So protections have their good and bad in such situations. But a limit on wars may help everyone. We dont have to be forced to play necessary by donating RL cash but if its need it then as a player you have to try your best to get it solved.
I have quitting the games online for one reason only.. i got tired of same BS everywhere...there you cheat , there you dont, there you are forced to do stuff you dont like, there you arent and so on..But as well RL stuff which in my case are lots.

Anyways this isnt relevant to the game. What i am trying to say is a game should be let played and not forced to be played... so before you all start wars and tell who is the best in stats etc should consider you have been down on stats as the ones you attacked and you cried crocodile tears as well. Try to play the game fair for all not just for you and like this the game is a success and not a cry baby one. Big Grin

guess i said it all..

PS: for the market i told you already adi lots.. and i think there is a topic here on forum on staff notes with lots of things there.. read it and tell ur staff about it. i am sure they will figure out something helpful as me , dusty, asmita, soul keeper etc etc done before.
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
limit on wars? lol.. here are no wars.. for months =)
admin Wrote:limit on wars? lol.. here are no wars.. for months =)

LOL.... finally you see it admin, no wars for a long time....
I wonder why..... hmzzzz....

could it be ?

.....coz protection is way to expensive for a lot of players?

......that if a war does start, those who can afford it will use it, which means the ones without, cant do any thing if 90% of a clan cant be touched. So why take that risk and declare....btw, I personally dont call that a war...

This is why me and a few others tried to come up with some adjustments, trying to find a compromise between protection ( donations) and warring.

War can be a real fun part of the game but the way the protection is implemented in the game does not * work.
So, I expect there will be no wars and if they do happen, they will turn into a
ridiculous never ending bullying session like in the past, causing clans to be dissolved and players leaving the game.

Isnt the whole point of the past to learn from it ???
I have been without a Clan for several months now. I gave it up because there is no way to defend a Clan with the current situation of bullies hiding behind protection, keeping anyone else in the hospital. That is not a War, that is a Viet Nam.

War, or the act of preventing your Clan from being in one, is the point of the game. Protection makes perfect sense, especially when it can protect the Clan from bombs.

A decent Clan president or Vice president would be willing to forgo fighting in a War to protect their Clanmates, correct? Well then, the solution is simple. If you are under protection, you are not allowed to attack anyone either. You still can do your workouts and crimes, but no attacking. To me, that seems fair. Admin and the game still get the donations we all know are needed, the Clans are protected as we would want, and yet there is still a real War going on, not a high school bully beating on kindergardeners.

Another suggestion, slightly less angry.
The housing limits are there for a good reason, we all deal with it. My suggestion is, again, shared housing for married couples. This does indeed work well in other games. To make it uniquely UWW, though, how about this suggestion. The house the couple can own is equal to the combined age of the two partners. I mean if Alekto at 1300 (or more) were to marry Soulkeeper, at 1200, then the two of them could own a house with the limit of 2500. This would give an advantage to having a partner OVER age 50, also. Opinions?
There are two types of clans.Peaceful and bloodthirsty.If you in bloodthirsty clan then you should expect to be in war.If you pres of the clan you should protect your members of course.That can be done in several different ways.It is matter of strategy and tactics,not only protection from being attacked.
If you don't like being in war,then join peaceful clan.It is simple really.

Also,I don't think protection,infinity,car bombs or any other item is a problem.One can use them or not.Most of us does lol.

As for sharing houses,I am strongly against it.It is your choice to have partner over lev 50,and not to use infinity Bitchy.Of course you are falling behind,but that is by your choice.
If houses are shared between spouses as you suggesting,you would be able to buy what?Germany?And soon my wife(who is lev 40) will train in mexico.And alekto's wife in japan.That is absurd.
Sorry Bitchy,nothing personal.

We are forced to be married to lower levels because we need to make money for bigger houses.
On my humble opinion bank cap wasn't good idea.Perhaps admin will remove it if I ask him very nicely?
Then we'll be able to marry who we want.Seriously,if there's no cap on bank I would be married to Z lol.

And finally,I think clans are too small.2,34 or even 5 members that is not clan.Clan should have at least 10 members.Then you can start something with it.10 members 10 targets when In war and the other way around.
game playabilty isnt important but money is,that is the pitfall of this game and eventually its downfall which is a pity because it is essentially a very enjoyable game and if ppl were listened to it would get better but then the making more money issue crops up again so the game just stays in its status quo and the more you can pay the better you plays Smile
donations to cover game costs are sufficient not ones to feather ones nest
First of all, Hound, no I did not take most of it personally. :-) My suggestions,as well as yours, are aimed at improving and strengthening the game.

Many do not realize I am dropping behind in levels and thus losing rank by choice. My game goals have been met, now I play for pleasure, not to be the best. I did not like what trying to always be the best was doing to my play, no offense to any of you who are still struggling. Those of you who cannot accept this, write to me and I will explain it personally.

I would probably not share a house with Lobo, any more than we share in the other game we play. I wanted to hear opinions on opening the option, that is all. To me, the size of houses available now are just plain absurd.

The problem with telling people to simply join a peaceful Clan if they do not wish to fight is it ignores the major issue....the inability to play for weeks on end because your Clan is at War. This issue needs dealt with.

As for the use of car bombs, protection, infinity, yes, all are available, and all are legal to use. I do not think a player should be critisized for standing by her or his personal morals and refusing to use such items. To that, I do take offense.

As for the size of a Clan...small Clans have difficulty making money from crimes, but are easier to control in a War. That is a matter of choice. It should stay that way, I think.

Bank there we do agree! If you are going to have houses that cost the moon, you cannot limit people's ability to earn the money for them! The house available at each level is limited, that is enough. PLEASE remove the bank limits so those of us who work hard and earn more than 12 mil can actually see a amall return on that money!

I had more suggestions, but I am afraid now is not the time to open discussion on them.

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