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Food for Thought
Quote:As for the use of car bombs, protection, infinity, yes, all are available, and all are legal to use. I do not think a player should be critisized for standing by her or his personal morals and refusing to use such items. To that, I do take offense.

I wasn't criticizing the way you play Bitchy.I was just stating the facts.It was your decision not to use certain items,and to have higher level spouse.Why is it then bothering you that rest of us have spouses-banks?It is YOUR choice not to have one.Last time you got bitten online for messing it up.

Morals?Sure,we can talk about that.And we can talk about double standards too.I am also long time in this game and I have good memory.
This is becoming less a constructive conversation. I will end it right now, and talk to you privately Mr. Hound.
The Game will never be Fair for lots of Players cos of any wars coming now or later. That we all know and as well why.

The money in this game are way to much and some of the players do their own rules when it comes to war some others. Now i don't say don't do it but if you choose such path at least do it fair.
As a player ,who had money not lots but enough to keep me going on in a war for weeks if necessary, i was very upset about how the last few wars turned to be.We have enemies or friends, thats a choice, but to make it personal i find it not just ridiculous but pathetic. So like many other players i have made up my mind and stopped playing the game.I cannot have fun in a game where some things are not fair for all of us.
I do agree with what Osiris said about the war in some points but as well with Miss Z and Mr. BHound. Miss BB said many things but as well some are not to be here as it is a war game after all. But the game doesn't have a stability anymore and with that gone no wonder why so many prefer to leave or just basically not playing but be guests.

And yes the game in this moment needs lots of changes .. changes that so many pointed out but have not yet been used.The protection, War time table, Market etc etc.. perhaps like this the game will gain again many players and the old ones wont leave anymore Wink

This is my 2p on this matter.
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
I wonder what has to be done to make admin see that no wars are going to happen...... well not with these war rules they wont.

no wars have taken place for a long time now.
well sure a clan can now declare on a 3 member clan, not worth the effort.
declare on a bigger clan ?
also not worth the effort, cant attack protected players....

conclusion ? this is a war game without the wars.... :|
UnderWorld Camping :lol:


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