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Food for Thought
Hi All Smile

Was thinking about the game and while playing I had some thoughts about how to move forward, keep it playable for all levels etcetc...

Are one of the * fun things in the game, a good way to get exp in warring and to move forward as a clan. It also motivates to get strong and stay strong.....
which in turn can produce more donations....but....
Pretty sure protection is stopping many clans from declaring, why bother if some or all will hide behind it ?

How about a protection free period , two days orso per certain time frame...
Clans can war without protection, will be much more challenging for all.

Limit the number of players using it in a war. ( im sure admin will hate me for this one ) lol. Lets say max 1 or 2 players who are allowed to use it. It might not stimulate protection donations but it will keep the game and all who play, well..... still playing instead of leaving so in the end it will work out.

Set a maximum number of days for war, the past has taught us that 2 -3 week wars are not good for the health of the game and players.

No re declaring for a certain time, like a week orso...

Surrender requests must be responded to within 24 hours, a matter of being civil.

Other Ideas

Emergency surgery, a good feature but getting more and more abused lately.
As it fails most of the time players use it as a means to lengthen hosp time thus * hiding. That cant be right.. I say remove it or modify it to max times usable orso.

Add some bots.
purgatory cannot be attacked,
low level players cant either
many active players * hide
Reduce that from all possible attacks and there isnt much left.
So yeah, more bots for all levels, make them stronger than the ones already in the game, much more fun.

Any and all ideas and reactions would be greatly appreciated Smile
On behalf of Bloody Bitch Smile
Ad By: BloodyBitch [849] | Added On: January 22 | DELETE

I know that this isn't the place for this, but I have tried numerous times to log into the board, to no avail!
And I have a couple of suggestions that I need to get off my chest!
I was just at the board reading what Z had to say, and I agree to all of the war suggestions.
My first peeve is that ever since Admin. put a cap on blood drops, the blood drop market has been non-existent! I say, remove the cap, or get rid of it! ( I vote to put it back the way it was!)
Second, there ought to be a limit to items in the item market!
I know everyone uses this to "stash" certain items, so that they can't be stolen. There are other options for this, like your clans vault or armory. Seeing prices like $2,458,886,221,555,555 blood drops for an item is a little ridiculous!
Thanks for listening!
Just for tests.. i added an item market limit. The maximum sell price of an item can be 10 times .. the item price. Let`s say the item is 10000 euro.. the maximum sell price on the market will be 10000*10 = 100000 euro. I can change this at anytime.. post here u`r oppinions about the max sell price. ALso, i need a limit for blood drops ... itembuyprice * N blood drops.. Smile
I'm in a peaceful clan, so my opinions on the wars aren't all that valid. However, it seems that during a war at least the first 2 days should be without the benefit of protection. If you're the aggressor you've got to take the risk of putting yourself out there, if you're the defender you would have been taken by surprise...

Blood drops. The cap on the market doesn't work. Folks are offering more than the 250 limit in the Newspaper on a regular basis. If they're allowed to privately trade at beyond the capped price, what' the point?

Capping the price on the market. ehhh...folks are only going to pay so much for an item. After that it's going to not sell. So don't bother capping the price. However, if someone wants to use the market to stash an item, at least make them keep track of it. Say, at the end of 5 days the item is deleted from the market and the players inventory. If the player is smart enough to keep track of it, they don't lose it. If they're's gone forever. Call it shoplifted LOL
i asked u`r oppinions about what should be the max price alowed in market. not if it`s good or not. it`s good, new players won`t be scared of those numbers when click on market, and stabilize the market.. will be players that will sold for max price alowed, or lower than that Wink .. and yea.. it`s good for database too Wink .. i don`t care if they are selling at high prices in private, those who are buying are ... i don`t want to say Smile .. is their problem, their money Wink ..
This is a rare moment....... I agree with admin :lol:

So heres my version....
What about half amount more than minimum price.
gun 10.000
half price 5.000
max sell price allowed 15.000
that is reasonable also for the more expensive items.
Not sure about the coding though.

Same can apply for drops. selling between 250 and 375, half more....

to allow 10x the price is way too high, 5x as well...many items now on market already are that amount.

The items on the market are * second hand and sold for profit only so it should be reasonable and accessable for new players and mid level players to buy there, not scare them away.


LOL shoplifting... in theorie it works but for real it wont. What if some one loses connection for a few days, or gets ill and doesnt log in, or comp breaks down etc...then they lose items... due to no * fault of their own.

i`m also thinking to add a script that returns item in player inventory, after 7 days .. if the item is not sold. how it sounds ?
150 % of items shop price should be maximum price,and 60-80 % minimum price.Weapons on market are mostly players old ones and as such no use to them,so it should be allowed to sell them under shop price.We can already sell them back to game for half of the value.
Idea to return items after 7 days is good.You should do that.
woehoeeeeeee Hound agrees with me too hehehe......

yeah admin good idea....
i agree with Z and hound on this...have used the item market myself the same way to avoid being robed on some things but think it should be a limit on how much you can take for a weapon or whatever you sell.

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