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win fight but loose all exp
since 3-4 days me and Alekto noticed a bug
while sharing online attacks he hit me, im dead and with 0% health after it but no hospital for me
Alekto won the fights but loose all his EXP
anyone else who knows this bug?
Smile .. i attacked also some players.. i never get exp reset... strange Smile
Could be variable overflow...

If variables program uses aren't unsigned, then for big numbers it can "overflow" from positive values into negative. So if he adds a negative value to his exp, he naturally loses it...
Just like the stocks too many negative values.

I lost like a billion in weeks. Never won anything.

Also why is it I get 2% and then next one 3% when using Infinity?

Same story with attacks. It says I got 2% but it adds 3% etc.
Please stay stick to the topic. leave stocks and infinty. infinity can give 2%, 3%, or 4%.. depends on level.. etc. that`s how i made the formula. to give 3% .. but sometimes may give 2% Wink .. also the stocks, it`s u`r risk.. take it or not. allot of players won allot. it`s u`r problem if u lose Smile
fixed now.. test please Smile

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