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New Feature in game, Turfs and hoes :)

A clan vp or president can buy a piece of turf in any of the game cities. Any one who goes to those cities for any reason pays a small amount in tax. This tax is then distributed between all the clans who have turf in that city. The amounts are automatically transfered to clan vault.
The number of turfs available, the price and the tax vary per city, the higher the city the higher the amounts.
The cost of the turf is taken from clan vault.
If a users clan does not own turf, everything they do is taxxed in "that" city.

After purchase, the following can be chosen:

Market turf

Set a price and put the turf up for sale in turf market
Can only be done by president or vp

Sell turf

Sell directly to game
You can only do this if you are in the city that has the turf you want to sell.

Battle turf

Clans who own turf can battle each other for ownership of turf.
You can chose the clan from a list.
First clan to get 500 kills, that is the total amount gained by all members against the turf battle clan ,wins the turf. If you dont validate this in the battle turf option all turf will be lost to the other clan.

Pimp turf

Once turf is owned by a clan, hoes can be put on the turf and sent to work.
You can buy them, pimp them to increase fees, and post them inside your turf in the cities.
All players can use the hoes no matter what clan they belong to.There are various outcomes after choosing to use a hoe.
A pimp can raise her fear level by smacking her around "for a cost of course".
Hoes have a health meter, and other users can attack them for money or just to be rude. If a hoe is attacked she loses a small portion of her hp and is sent to the hoe hospital.
It is the owner/pimps job to keep his hoe healthy and out on the streets for other users to use.

The money paid to the Hooker goes into the hookers purse. The pimp/user owner can then opt to "manage" his hoe. When managing the Pimp can Withdraw cash from the hoe, of course she takes a cut, the lower the
fear level the higher % cut she takes.

As this is a new feature please inform staff if you have any comments or suggestions Smile

in answer to some questions asked.....

At the moment tax is only deducted from items not from attacking etc....
and no you dont pay more than before for item.

it makes no difference if a player is clanless or not as the turf owners get paid any way.

the tax payed by a player is not deducted from clan vault. you could say the tax is already incorporated in the item price.

I am in clan, I go to vampire city and buy a vault. One other clan has turf in that city. I pay the normal price and the tax% is deposited in the clan vault of the clan who owns the turf in that city.

some cities have high turf purchase prices, some dont so its possible for all clans to buy turf and make money for clan.

only president and vp have access to purchase option, all others can see who bought turf , how many and where.

the tax% is related to the turf price, the higher the price, the higher the tax to be gained.

ok, so far the update.... keep checking back here for more, thanks.

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