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Change In Combat System
Today's changes appear to be huge. Thanks for the hard work you put into attempting to correct the combat system. I know it is still early, and I have not tried it much, but the changes appear to have been effective. Finally, weapons are for more than simple status symbols! All the hours in the gym appear to matter, also, but that is part of what I am still checking for myself. :-)

I am reserving the right to decide if the changes were for better or for worse until I have worked with it a bit more. lol For now, thanks for all the hard work!
Hi BB Big Grin

Yeah, after a lot of modifying, trial and error, it seems to be working as it should be.
The value of the training/guns/bg/age in relation to each other have been corrected.
So far, so good....

I encourage every one to keep an eye out and to report any * weird stuff happening during attacks.

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