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Game Committee
The subject of too few * targets has always been an issue, even more so past months. game is getting smaller, players getting bigger. It only takes 1 player to hit all levels between 100 and 1200 and the game comes to a complete standstill. All in hosp for at least 6-7 hours.
(a * legal way to destroy* the game btw......)

Those constantly in hosp are dis encouraged when they log in and log out again Those who med out have no one left to hit so they become less active.
Sadly this happens daily causing more and more stagnation in game.

The fact that some put themselves in hosp is a direct result of the above.
A few also hide in higher cities, take everyone out and then go there when logging out making them unavailable for others.
Both situations are a personal choice formed by attitude.
Personally I do not agree as it only contributes to further standstill of game.
And yes I hide now, my choice. I will not be available for attack if my only attacker hides.

make more bots....
allow fed to be attacked
shorten hosp time a lot.

will help a lot
I kinda agree on the punishing for the hiding in hosp players. but how to tell the difference between a genuine failing or deliberate.

In a normal scenario, game and player growth are parallel, here it isnt.
We need to come up with some alternatives fast!

So get ur thinking caps on guys Smile

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