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Game Committee
Many old players leave, newbies lose intrest , active players non motivated. We need a serious rethink of the game and its features.

Goals ?

To come up with ideas and changes to retain and motivate players. To generate donations in a user friendly way. There has to be balance between game and donations. the one needs the other to survive.

Members ( so far )

Slave Girl
Bitchy Bear


Keep posts short and to the point. State idea/change along with a brief explanation why this should be implemented in game.

No personal stuff. This is not about individual players but the game as a whole. Stay objective and keep the bigger picture in mind.

You may comment or add to the ideas of another player but please be decent.
If you think someones idea is not workable please state ur motivation.

Try to stay away from the negative, we all know by now what is wrong, now we need to come up with what is right and fairSmile

Admin will be in read only mode for the moment Smile

Im sure if we work together and think this through we will make a positive difference! Smile
I have made some suggestions already, I will repost them here so we can discuss them, along with a couple new ideas.

1. No alcohol recovery room for under age five players.
This way, they do not get drunk, be broke, and have no way to recover.

2. Donation items available "ala carte".
This should include Donator days!

3. Housing caps reconsidered.
What is the purpose of so much money with nothong to do with it?

4. NPC Clans to declare War at random, the war ending when a pre-determined but random amount of Respect has changed hands.
Programming nightmare, I know, but can anyone build on this idea?

5. Return Blood Drops to crimes, esp for the younger players.

6. Bombs are here to stay, but how about if you can only use them if your Clan has X number of members? I was thinking five.

7. This sounds silly, but what about "trophies" you can add to your profile for acheiving some of the more difficult things in the game, such as completeing all the courses in each school, or obtaining the top job? Not added automatically, but sent as a Congratulations you can chose to add or not. Kind of like many players post the event alerting them they won the Player If The Week Award.

8. Perhaps add an acheivement for the number of divorces? After ten, you get a trophy, same as for staying married.

9. The ability to Sabatague the underground for one player. She tries to travel to another city, but her train explodes, hospital time! Perhaps it even gets anyone else who leaves or enters the same city for two minutes after? Maybe it even backfires, the sabatague is detected. Add in a random chance the sabatuer is ratted out, and thus goes to jail. Unless you are ratted out, though, it is anonamous. (Yes, my spelling is lousy, sorry.)
to bbs suggestions:

1. agree totally, many get confused when they start playing and are not prepared for being drunken after after streets and feel helpless

3. dont think its a good idea... as far as i could see many players who were lazy in the past started doing more to lvl up cause they have a target get bigger house, so the cap motivated somehow. if its about not knowing what to do with all the money... what about a kind of fixed term deposit? since bank interests were cut so much this would be a possibility to increase money. this means there must be adequate interest on it. but players must think carefull how much to put there cause they cant work with the money inside. and fixed period must be at least 1 month or more... and if they take out before they will loose money...

5. for younger players i agree, for higher lvled not really neccessary cause they can still make enough because of the amount of crimes they can do.

my suggestions:

1. remove the price limit on blood drops market or put it even higher. nobody sells bd there anymore cause its impossible to make profit in market. in lower lvled times the market gave the chance to save some money, but since market price is limited on vault price it doesnt make a sense avoid the sleepers in market like in the past there could be set the same selling time limit like in item market.

2. the lvl range of players became very high... so its demotivating for younger players to join/found bloodthirsty clans...cause if there will ever come up a war, they will be in hosp all the time... what about making a limit in wartimes by which lvls a player can be attacked until age 500? something like only own age +50%? this way the younger a player is, the more he is protected in wars and still able to play the game. example: a lvl 100 player can only be attacked by a player till age 150. this would save youngers and make wars more fair and balanced. but only for wars i would set this limit....cause in normal playing there is the 12 onlines limit, so no need. and for players above 500...i think they are old enough to take care for theirself Smile

3. i know in the past there was the idea to make an introduction-video for new players...but sadly there was nobody found to make it. but i think even a written introduction would be helpfull where the game basics are explained...(reset time, newbies place, how to open a bank-account, crimes, house, which actions can be made dayly....) just to show new players what they can do already until they find someone who explains more...cause not always there is directly a mentor available or they are to shy to ask others players...
First of all, please do not presume people are lazy because their playing strategy is not identical to yours. There are MANY reasons a player may chose to level slowly. The idea is to support all players, and playing styles.

That said, I like the idea of the large, long term investment. I know the Igor's had a bug, is there a way to rewrite it to make it work properly? Perhaps deposits can only be made the first week of the month, withdrawls only made the last week? perhaps if you want faster turnover, you could even write it so the investment can only be started on a Sunday and ended on a Saturday.

I agree definately to removing the cap on the price of drops, let the market determine the price! Treating them as the item market should eliminate using the market instead of the Blood Bank, though if someone is seen to be cheating this way, I am sure Staff will come up with a way to deal with it! Having more drops in the economy will be good for all, esp with drops removed from crimes to the point they are.

As for the help for the newbies, there is a section in the forums for that, with quite a bit covered. Admin has even placed a link from the help tutorial to this section. Please do feel free to add to it, though! I realize it is not as complete as it could be. Also, I feel the more people who add something to it, the better informed the new players will be.

I do have a concern about your second suggestion, the limit as to who can be attacked in a War. Yes, there is a problem there, but if we make limits such as that, Clans could use very low levels as "padding" to get their numbers up, knowing the young players will not be a liability in time of War. I have thought about it, and I do not have a positive way to help this, though I do agree with the problem you pointed out.
Thanks guys Smile

Im not sure who said what so I will just comment on stuff.

Housing caps. leave them. the gaps between them is not a lot and yes it will motivate. It was done to prevent low levels from getting huge houses, who happen to have rich friends to provide them with way too much money.

Return drops to crimes, yes! for all players. As alread mentioned, more for the lower crimes and make those lower crimes non accessable for higher levels so they dont profit from that. We are not talking about thousands of drops per day so I see it not as damaging for progress of game. It might just stimulate the drop market as well, if no one has drops no one can sell but leave the cap on. or maybe max it at certain amount.

Bots! yes! as the game grows, players get higher, so the focus shifts. Throw in some higher level bots in different age groups and with different toughness. This might also lighten the hosp visits for lower levels being taken out by high levels.

Free recovery for newbies till level 5 , good idea, Im sure that will motivate to play on and we do need to get and keep new players.

Donations a la carte yes! chop protection up into smalle chunks. say a few hours. like the trap and anti trap. I think 5x a smaller amount is always better than 0x no amount. It then can be used more efficiently and I think more often. Which brings me to the subject of wars.......

There is a new attack system in the works, will be more on that shortly.
As of today no bombs are allowed , this totally changes the game dynamics, for the better. Also in a war situation. no more bullies or milking innocent clans. back to as a war should be fought, 2 clans against each other.

Now they are gone and if we can modify the war feature a bit more I really dont see any reason to change the whole war system.

Limit the total war time. no more 30 day wars but maybe 2 or 3 days max, keeping the game moving and healthy.
As already stated protection can be used but also limited. no more than 1 or 2 players at one time. There will be shorter time periods for protection and also limited to number of players using it simultaniously but on average if these changes are made there will be more wars so more donations oh and more fun which leads to more active happy players which leads to more donations Tongue

If you accept a low level into ur war clan, all know the consequences . They will be in hosp during a war , its as simple as that.
Maybe have a low level battle arena, where clans who have say 200 as highest player can war each other, good for exp and more equal enemies than in * the real world.

I dont think we need to modify options to produce more money, there is already too much in the game already, has messed up game economics. Maybe some * extra feature for the low levels up to a certain age, a piggy bank or investing in some thing that grows in time, so the longer they are active the higher the amount gets. Something to look forward to......

To all the other committee members, please take the time and effort to post, your input is needed! Smile
Housing caps I understand, with the idea of no longer giving an unfair advantage. I reserve the right to complain about them, though. As I reach each new house, I have the money to buy it, not all can say this. lol

Raise the caps on the cost of Drops to $500, double their actual value? Let the people get what the market will bear from them! I do agree, treat them like any other item on the market, with a time limit.

Always more Bots! Each city should have one! Thought: How about if you can either buy the key to the new city, OR defeat a bot to WIN the key, instead of money? It would be your option. I like giving players choices. :-)

The problem with giving low levels anything to help them make money is unfortunately some higher level players will find a way to exploit this. The only way to avoid that I can think of would be related to paying for playing, like if you check in, $1000 is added to an account you cannot access until level 100. I am not sure about the programming, but the negativity this thought gives me is very depressing.

I saw 54 views of this topic, no one else has an opinion?
for the donations a la carte... would be really nice, but i dont think its possible... i wrote admin more than once about it... i also asked him once for a small protection which is just for a few hours... he said not possible, 1 day minimum... so i would really wonder if he says now its possible.

help for newbies... ask around how many players use forum... i am sure many dont come here... u can see on the amount of replies how many use it. so even if here is any help for newbies they dont read it. so its useless. only if there is maybe something like a automatic "welcome-mail" with a link to forum, where the introduction, is they will read, other way not.
Would be nice to be able to attack people in Club Fed again. There are quite a few targets in there worth hitting for EXP..
As to the Help For Newbies question. The information is there, the links are in the proper places. If the players are too lazy to stop and read, (and I hear that a lot from the ones I am trying to help) why shoud we spoon-feed them even more?

In addition, if YOU want to prepare and post a video of a text-based game, please, feel free. I will refer people to it.

Fed Jail: Rat, I agree 100%. Many of those who recently hit Fed Jail hated being attacked offline, for what ever reason. What better punishment than for them to know they are targets? I say, leave them armed, though, as the players attacking still deserve the warm feeling that comes from defeating a strong opponent.
How about having a lost attack cost you some EXP.? Knda getting old seeing people "park" in the hospital. Would be really nice if it could be done so you wouldn't lose the exp if you got yourself out in 5 min. or less. That way only the ones that hide there would lose the EXP. we all work so hard to gain.

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