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I would like to create an addon to the donator days called VIP+ to include some extra benefits over the normal donator days. VIP+ days can be used only if you already have normal donator days.
I also want to CAP gym at 1000 trains/day, that's because some are over-exaggerating with page refreshes causing server slowness, so if you are going to use the server at max capacity you will have to pay for it the right price. The price for the 30 VIP+ days will be higher than normal donator days.
Of course i'm thinking at other extra benefits like maybe more daily crimes and so on.
Suggestions are welcomed. thanks Smile
I don't think putting a CAP on the gym is a good idea. Then it would be like crimes; if you don't use them, you lose them. If a player can't be online long enough or can't be online at all one day to train, then he loses any training for that day and wouldn't be able to make it up later.

As far as the VIP+, I don't see much benefit in adding another pack. There are already a lot of different packs which offer a variety of benefits to the purchaser.
Great, thanks for your opinions. For the moment i raised the price of the 30 days donator pack. this topic stays open maybe others have something to say too.

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