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CLUBBING - questions and answers
I have a question why is there no way to get cash when your at the club. even in real life there is an ATM. I think that we should have a link that will allow us to access our bank account while in the club.

Also why cant we keep what dare we have left we did after all pay to get it, for it to be set back to 5 doesnt seem fair if you have more then that left over
If you press on a drink while at the club and you dont have enough money to buy that drink. It will automatically take you to the bank page (ATM)
I have many times had to use the bank while at the club.

The dare goes back to 5 because admin put this feature in. Before it would go back to zero each time.
I still find that 5 is heaps better than zero.. I can get 3 dares in before alcohol goes to high where as when it was zero i could only get 2 dares in.
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So I have visited the club a few times now but cant see how you can earn using it.

Can someone explain please Smile

*edited to add*

ah thanks - i reckon i understand it a bit better now
Yes, when you go you buy drinks, but be careful to keep your alcohol level to 17 or under. If it exceeds this then you are sent home. If you drink 3 Jim Beams and 1 beer this will give you an alcohol level of 17 and a dare level of about 29 I believe. There you can click on dare and it will give you cash or blood drops but sometimes it sends you to hospital and ends your trip. But if you don't end up in hospital you can click dare again and repeat the process. Usually with the 29 dare points you can click dare 3 different times (provided you don't get sent to hospital) for varying prizes of cash or blood drops. Aside from all this each dare adds to your personality points which can be traded after your club experience for cash or blood drops also. Hope this helps.

"I started this game with nothing..I still have most of it left."
Thanks very much for your reply Smile
Just a little hint..
Try to keep your popularity points high..
I was low on blood potions and traded mine for a few days and it went low..I found my dares did not bring me half as much money and drops as it did when my popularity was high..
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I love it when Rickyboy bites me !
ooh I didn't know that..I usually trade mine in each day but will try your way and see if I can see a difference..Thank!

"I started this game with nothing..I still have most of it left."
Thanks very much - i have been trading mine in, but nowe i'll keep them high Smile
100s of BDsss Each day???? but I can hardly make 20-25 BDs & I suck them up before 1 hr or so... :cry: most of the times I'm hit by a Lorry!!! :o Is it because of my low level??? b'cauz I HAVE near 50 PPss When I go for a dare!!! Do I NEED MORE???!!! What is the MAX LIMIT of PPss??? Can u have 1000ss of PPss at once??? Or there IS a MAX. LIMIT????? or there is some more "Other" things to master... I don't get my dare up to more than 12 Each time I dare b'cuz whenever I get it above 15 I Get Hit By a Lorry!!! & wake up in the hospital... I dance to make my PP increase.. & as ~Cheeky~ told me I also spike drinks some times now.. But still haven't got the Calculations right though!! :lol: I also gathered an Important Info that Beer is the most cost effective.. Thank You Mr. Lugosi!!! before I used to think that JB is... does it matter which drink we r taking..... on the dareDevil??? I don't really think so.. but then again I know SOOOoooo LITTLE :oops: & I also used to keep the APs below 17 now I'll start to make it below 18 :mrgreen: I mean at 17!!! and in real life too if u've had too much to drink u ARE thrown out of a club!!! Had that Experience once... Tongue Tongue :lol: but even then I think we should get ONE MORE CHANCE at the club each day!!! :oops: :cry:
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That red writing is horrible I wont even read it it hurts my eyes.

I win at the club every time here is how it works

first go with full energy and dance you will gain 2 pop points and lose 50% of your energy

when you get there you have 5 dare so you buy the highest drink and you are at 12 dare with 5 drinks in you ( you need 5 drinks to do anything)

I then spike a drink -----between 11k and 17k I get and my dare goes down to 2
Your dare will be at 2

next buy the lowest and mid drink you will get 3 dare and 5 dare bringing you up to 10 dare,

spike the drink again and get between 11k and 17k

dare is at 0 and your drink is at 7

next buy the top drink at 7 dare and the middle drink at 5 dare

you dare will be at 12. Now I wait till my energy is back to 100% and I dance one more time to get the pop points

then I do the dare and you get around 10k if you lose or sometimes 45k if you win. Sometime you get a load of Blood points also

anybody have a differant way?

you will be at 16 drinks at this point and wont be able to do much else

Then I drive home and hopefully dont crash
after paying out the recovery of 24k I usualy take home about 161K at the end of the day with my three turns

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