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Busting Question
hm, that's nice to get crime exp and be more successful in crimes ...
There's only one slight problem with that ... Smile

As it costs 4 hunger to do a bust attempt, i ususally don't have enough hunger points to do any crimes ... Wink
busting for badge is not worthy... :oops:
As you level up vamperilla your hunger will get allot larger therefore you sill still be able to do crimes..
For instance my hunger bar is 111 now...

bala.. As I have already listed above.. You get more for buts than just a badge.

* you can get a cash amount if you bust the 'people' offering a reward
* you get CRIME XP to help with your crime success
*a badge
* plus many new friends as busting usually opens up communication with a thankyou and allot of people get new friends to chat to just from starting out with a bust.
* also you could find yourself in the hall of fame list if you do enough of them

It is your choice to bust or not..If you don't thing these things listed above are worth 4 hunger points then just don't bust.. Simple really
Use your 4 hunger on a crime instead.
It is entirely up to yourself to bust or not..It is not compulsory
If you don't like the rewards then please just leave the busts to people who are happy to do it.
Personally..I always try to offer a reward.
that way I know people get SOMETHING for busting me since they used 4 hunger to do it..
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