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Date with a vampire caught cheating
Yes it makes me incredibly angry that they will attempt to ruin the game we all tried so hard to build to the best it can be then whine about the fact they got caught red handed. :evil: :evil:

some of the people who were placed in purgatory have been let out based on a few factors. the fact they were placed there and let out , please dont condemn them

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Joceline Wrote:OMG you are incrediable.


I am sure the rest of the players that are NOT cheating would like to just continue playing , KNOWING that their staff is looking out for them so that the game can stay fair.
Big Grin

Thanks for summing it up, Joceline. I couldn't really make heads nor tails of the chat log. :geek:
I always wondered how Ma Xiao Ling could always have so many items for sale on the item market.. Usually 2 and 3 of each item. I guess I pretty much know Staff you did a great job of shutting that down and keeping it fair for those of us who work hard for what we get... Yet even after they are caught they are still trying to cheat by claiming Paypal fraud..LMAO ..why play a game when its based on cheating..what kind of satisfaction could you feel by doing takes all kinds to make the world go around I guess...

"I started this game with nothing..I still have most of it left."
I applaud the Admin and Staff of this game for a job well done. I would like to thank you all.. wonderful work! Thank you. I have been playing this game soon after it started and worked hard to get where I am and am proud of my accomplishments this far, I am also proud of everyone else who has worked hard to get where they are on the game. I am happy we have such a great staff and admin to see the game is played fairly by all. I am proud of all of you and support all of you I know you want this game to be a fair game as all games should be, we should be able to trust our game staff and I know I trust them. It is very disheartening when you are playing a game and the staff treats you badly for no reason and this game is not like that at all . I stand behind the staff and admin 100% and I can rest knowing they are hard at work to keep things fair. Thank you again for your hard work I know alot of us don't know what goes on behind the scenes of this game but anyone with any sense would know you all work hard. *applause*
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If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem
LOL, ~LANDY~ has 9849 blood drops in his bank, ~B|aTcH~ .. 3890 .. and so on.. :| to bad they didn`t told nothing about this.. just continuing to exploit the game..
Would they be removed from item marked or can we still bay stuff from them?
I think all of them should be removed from any lists.

And I'm having having nightmares because of Admins picture.
I am very,very scarred...
i inocence...i didnt do any farming...just that i in the not fair ...
owen you know the email if you claim is true send the email to the email address no discussion will be held in the forums
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and to all the cheats i have but this to say to you all !

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:lol: I love that one RLE.. Too funny....

Yes Owen.. I dont know which member you are but the 10 remaining in jail all have extensive proof of farming and refreshers.. All but one actually and we are waiting to hear from that member..
If you claim you did nothing wrong then write to the purgatory mail address provided to you and staff will hear what you have to say..

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I love it when Rickyboy bites me !

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