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Date with a vampire caught cheating
Good Job done..everyone is happy now to see cheaters behind the bars where they belong.
As for your claims to the note on donation page..and with proves of your cheating dream on you filty CHEATERS :evil:
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
I want to thank everyone who helped figure this whole crappile out. It's wonderful to be part of webpage where the people in charge actually care about what is happening in the game. Smile

I just have to do a big eye-rolling head shake at the people who are doing charge-backs on paypal just because they were caught cheating. Undecided

Seriously uncool. A crappy sore-loser tactic.
I don't think men with evil plans wear hooded towels.
Thanks for keeping the game fair, unlike the last corrupt (or should I say kurupt) game we all met on lol! You all are awesome! Keep up the good work!
Ufffffff I can't read that much of nonsence!!!!!! :lol:
Maya[927] & [170]

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A frown takes 18 muscles to form... A Smile takes ONLY Two. You CAN Smile in the dark days too.

So, DO Smile ALWAYS!!!
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I believe he is referring to the chat log, I couldn't make much sense of it either, only a few things saying they were in fact cheating lol!
oOne more player has been added to the list.
Connery [671]

He was told to do certain things because of his involvement in the cheating He knew about it and was involved with ma xio and her clan.
He admitted this to staff

He was told to turn over all money cash and drops to admin yet a few hours later he passed 200 drops to a player and was advertising he had a large quantity of drops to sell and never turned over everything that he had agreed to.

The 2000+ drops he had hiding in the clan vault have been sent to admin [1] and Connery is under going corrective treatment therapy in purgatory.
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Oh man Connery come on and i helped you out in this game
no need for you to cheat
Actually Connery himself has helped allot of people out also..
I guess temptation was there and too hard to leave.
He did freely admit to staff of his cheating and he did freely hand over money and drops.
Admin will also take his house.
(except for those given to him by derf. They will be kept in safe keeping by admin in case derf returns.)
He is only in jail because he did not hand over everything he was supposed to and started to sell them.
We placed him in jail to prevent him dispersing of anything else before admin could strip him clean.
As far as we know.There is no evidence of him using refreshers and this is why he will be released but with nothing.. he will have to start again money wise.

There is also rumors that staff are unfair..
I consider Connery A friend of mine and he is still getting the exact punishment that Dangerous was given.
No favourtism, No lighter sentence. Exact same.

I would do the very same thing if it were a fellow staff member.

We all play the same game and therefore we ALL have the same rules.

I hope this is the end of this now that admin had stopped farming from the marrigae bug all together.
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I love it when Rickyboy bites me !
Connery was released today.

I for one am tired of this whole affair.
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