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Blood Bar
How long does it usually take for your blood bar to reset itself? and is there somewhere you can buy or earn blood potion. ( besides the Item market)
I'm not too sure how much time it takes, but for a 0 blood bar it takes a couple hours. :/ Blood potions are only available for $$, BUT you can buy
Blood of a new born child Shaken not stirred, With a rim of sugar (+10% blood) for $5,000 in Transylvania. Smile
Blood of a virgin On the rocks baby, straight up! (+25% blood) $10,000

Or you can buy full 100% blood potions using paypal from the top of the page.

Also you can get a full blood potion by trading 20 of your popularity points in the city if you go to 'The bloody club' section .

As for how long it takes.. It depends on the size of your house.
The bigger your house the buigger the blood bar.
If you have no house it refills from zero to full in less than an hour but dont know exact time.. If you have a house like mine it takes over 8 hours. (why i use potions)
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Now that makes sense. My house has increased 3 x in the past two days so I guess now I am noticing how slow my blood refills. Whats are the main causes of it getting all the way to zero? I woke up this morning with full bars on everything did my workout, did my crimes, slept with partner and then got to do crimes again and next I looked and my blood was at zero. yesterday it took 8 hours for my blood to get back to full------what a waste of a training day
so you lose all your blood when you buy a bigger house? I just upgraded again and noticed I lost all my blood when I did.
Yes, your blood bar goes to zero when you buy a new house. Smile
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Also when you sell a house to it goes to zero..
When you are homeless.. your blood bar is only 100 long..
so it refills very quickly.. Usually in less than an hour.
The bigger your house. means the bigger your blood bar.
So the bigger the blood bar the longer it will take to fill.

There are only 2 ways of losing your blood bar..
ONE: you either sell or buy a house..
TWO: When you train it takes a percentage each training session.

Usually about 3%.depending on how much energy you train with.

When i train and I use drops to keep refilling my energy for training.
I NEVER let my blood go below 90%.
So I use vials.
The cheapest of the vials is 'blood of a new born baby.'
It is $5000 for 10% refill. It is available level 25 land or in the item market if you are not at level 25 yet.

The reason is..The higher the blood bar the more stats you get for your training.
So try to not train unless your energy is at 50% or over and that way you are not draining your blood every few minutes.

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I love it when Rickyboy bites me !
Thank you great advice
Anytime..thats what we are here for Big Grin
[Image: cheekygold.jpg]
I love it when Rickyboy bites me !
wow I sold my house and bought the gated house in Underworld last night around 11 PM and it is almost 9 am the next day and I am still only at 80% blood bar. I guess potions might be a worthy investment

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