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The streets
I am new to the game and I have been to the Streets and I have a few Ideas on how we could Improve it.

Instead of having it as a Turn Based Random Event, Change it to a Turn based Monster Fighting Thing, As such. You spend 1 turn and Encounter a Monster of Sorts, Than you can choose to use a Weapon or Special Abilities( Special Abilities could be learnt at the Blood School ). Have it a Turn based Fight aswell, Say. You start with 50 turns. Each attack takes 1 turn and Such, and you only have 50 turns per day so one quick fight might only take 3 turns while a long one could take 12 or 13 turns and allow the monster to attack back Also, Scale the level or Difficulty of the Monsters to the Players Level. So, as level 5 you could choose to ; Go Slumming ( Fight mosters level 3-4 ), Hunt ( Monsters level 5-6 ) or Look for a Challenge ( Monsters 7-8 ) and vary the Hitpoints accordingly.

Thats just one of my Ideas to maybe Help the Game, I will post the others soon. Big Grin
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Not a bad suggestion at all, but we all like the streets.

Maybe be we add it to the game. Not at the cost of streets, but in addition to it.

Here to Enjoy and Help.
Just ask!
Yes, i asked Admin about it... yet no answer... maybe he will change it to Maze..
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