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Your voice issue 3
I say YES
Zakotah Wrote:
rle68 Wrote:we have always made sure no lone has lost out on a change we have made for somethng you have paid for this will be no different

I didn't think they would, just wondering if days already purchased would remain protected or refunded for those days.

i think they will all be reduced to 10 and the money refunded
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yes NOW that i like alot Smile
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DeathbyKiss Wrote:Angell [952]
Sent at: February 20, 2009, 2:45:08 pm
Ignore User it wont even let me register.... they need to fix that quickly. my response is YES

have her email admin [1] he can look into this
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whatever, it makes no difference if they have 10 or 30 days there still gona be protected, why dont you give the coder a break and let him get back to making new stuff for the game instead of wasting his time with all this rubbish. :roll:
Why not just stick to the topic at hand. If you really have a problem with it, why not start a thread about it. It could be all about you and what you think is "rubbish".
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LOL that is the topic at hand and my vote is WHATEVER!!! it makes no difference so use my vote as a yes or a no
smurfwashere Wrote:LOL that is the topic at hand and my vote is WHATEVER!!!

Yes or No will be good if not i dont see why you make such a big deal out of it.
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