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Stats and Weapons
smurfwashere Wrote::roll: more complaining, there will always be something to complain about and there is always the few out of the many that all they do is whine and bitch, and ejac i know i havnt seen you complain but i see your on top of the heap surely you can afford the best weapons to kill anyone you want, as for the others is there one day you can go without whining plz and let admin and alabama get back to making new stuff for the game instead of fixing every worthless little problem you run into that makes playing that little bit slightly harder for you to play the game that can be fixed if you just spent that little bit of extra time to get better stats or money instead of wanting everything now now now and not even puting the effort in to earn it :evil:

I don't see any wonderful suggestion u have coming out from this post, perhaps you are the only one whining, look through the posts and see some good suggestions put forth by players who post.

Do not just pen down your own selfish thoughts, it ain't helping anything here.
@Smurf: Keep your posts on topic, without the snide comments, or you will face an in game warning and a forum ban. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but keep your comments constructive. You are not lending any relevance to the thread. Thank you!
Behind every argument is someone's ignorance.
Most important for me is to know some things. The creator reserves the right to do what ever he wants and for us to play by his game rules. This is top of all things.

It might sound like a complain or whinning but we should keep in mind that most here had/have been/will keep on playing other game. Comparison in inevitable.

Wouldnt u like to know that u can beat, while beeing a lvl 100 player, a 20 lvl+ player who is poor to buy weapons and he cant afford a house like u?
Wouldnt this form a strategy for attacks? Dom2k9 attacked me once, he won, and he never did. Why cause he gets the same exp as attacking a lvl 2 player. Some info is neccessary to think about game strategy.

I am asked all the time why i attack lvl 2 player. Wouldnt u like to know or anyone that doesnt know yet, that once u get high enough u wont get exp from attacks and crimes?

I dont want to know the php formula cause i wont understand it any more, but when i was 1st in rank and had 28mil in celerity alone I just couldnt believe the fact that a 58 lvl player even with a garlic shooter can beat me. If u had added all players below the one i lost to, they would add up to my celerity, thus i made the post

Facts for the example
Dom 1st
Ejac 2nd
PredetorX 3rd

Dom gets to 200 first and i am at 199 lvl, Dom buys the best weapon for Predator and they both make war with my clan. Predator wouldnt have to worry to catch up to my stats cause he would know that with the best weapon in 200 lvl city he can beat me easily. Me knowing the facts from now, when i made this post, would consentrate on lvling and not stats, so I get 1st to 200 to avoid problems.

This is called GAME STRATEGY and posts and info help think this game or any other like a pro.

Hope i now made clear to any one why i made this post, not to whine or complain but to plan my game. I agree with all views posted so far cause they have a base upon they r judged.

PS Dom and Predetor are mentioned cause they r close with me.
Imagine that with 200 city weapons not even a 20-30 mil difference in seperate stats (60-75 mil total) would make any difference untill the players have the same weapons. Can all understand how many drops require to get those points??? Why then i keep drops when i can sell them all now and from the interest alone i can get free weapons and keep the capital intact???

Think very carefully to what i wrote and u might understand why i am the richest guy in this game.

PS I publically apologise to Dom and PRedator for a stupid mail i have sent them. :roll:
totally agree with Ejac
Is there any way to tell what the best weapons are? Like a list of weapon damage or level, or something like that? Because right now, there is absolutely no way to tell what weapon is better than another. (Other than price, which is not an accurate indicator).

Anyway, that's my two cents worth.
Malkavian Wrote:Is there any way to tell what the best weapons are? Like a list of weapon damage or level, or something like that? Because right now, there is absolutely no way to tell what weapon is better than another. (Other than price, which is not an accurate indicator).

Anyway, that's my two cents worth.

Actually price is a really good indicator because all you have to do is click info & it'll tell you the price for the weapon (which is obviously a lot less than market price). The better the weapon, the more expensive the weapon.

So price is the best way for you to find out what are the better weapons.
Okay, but that doesn't show me how powerful each weapon is. From what I have seen, for example, the garlic shooter is pretty much pointless because now the attack wins seem completely random. I know this can't be right, as I have heard that the garlic shooter is one of the best weapons in the game. So other than looking at the price, is there no way to put stats with the weapons, so we can see why we won or lost? I think this would help a little bit, since the server apparently can't handle attack logs.
Attacks are random, if u have a lesser secondary weapon and when u attack all ur attacks are done by the secondary weapon u might loose to a garlic shooter. Thats why they are random with what weapons to use, stats count when u have same weapons with the ohter.
1st post says i lost to a 58 player when i was 180 lvl and top in stats
Weapons should have level requirements, so low level players can't just be given the best weapons with out earning the right to use them.

Just a thought.

Happy Vamping Wink

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