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Stats and Weapons
I like that idea.
smurfwashere Wrote::roll: more complaining, there will always be something to complain about and there is always the few out of the many that all they do is whine and bitch, and ejac i know i havnt seen you complain but i see your on top of the heap surely you can afford the best weapons to kill anyone you want, as for the others is there one day you can go without whining plz and let admin and alabama get back to making new stuff for the game instead of fixing every worthless little problem you run into that makes playing that little bit slightly harder for you to play the game that can be fixed if you just spent that little bit of extra time to get better stats or money instead of wanting everything now now now and not even puting the effort in to earn it :evil:

You seem to be missing Ejacs point entirely. He HAS put in the effort to be at the top of the heap in stats. His point seems to be, what is the point of putting in the effort when anyone can spend the money on top weaps and still beat him with far inferior stats.
i have a idea why don't make weapon have attack poin +

as our stat + weapon attack poin...Big Grin

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