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What new features would you like to see added?
instead of having the word level have the word age so that instead of being level 200 or whatever have it as age 200, as we know the older the vampires the more powerfull they are
I kinda like the age instead of level idea !!

It fits the game.
In the same vein, perhaps "Sired by" instead of refered by?

After all, we did turn our friends into vampires!
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What if you are not sired? Should it be Blood of Cain?
Child of Cain? Decendant Of Cain?

admin Wrote:
MR.Tea_Time Wrote:how about some items that only the people owned stores can have as why would i even want to waste my time going through the large number of people owned stores when i could just go to the game store or Item Market? kinda stupid if you ask me but i do like the idea of it, maybe you could put some distributor type thing were i have to buy the rights to sell the item and then mark it up to make my profit (with in reason)? i think the items should not be transferable or saleable on the Item Market so there is not an influx of your items on the Item Market or people passing them around to friends.maybe they could be bought back by the store at a reduced cost when and if you get something better? just my thoughts on this does anyone else think its a sound idea? maybe i'm wrong but i would open a store this way but won't waste my time the way it is. :mrgreen:
What kind of items? lol Smile .. the shops are just for fun .. if you want you can open one.. if not.. just don`t open. Smile

not sure what kind of items, that would be for the game owner to decide but if there are player owned stores they should be able to sell items that you can not get anywhere else. seems like it would be an obvious thing to do and it would be something more to work at in the game if you had to buy rights to sell special items that could not be just picked up at a game (not player) store or the item market. the (player) stores as they are i don't see as being any fun if there are 50+ people selling the same crap for a marked up price i could find on the item market at the same marked up price (in one place) who in there right mind would take 10-30 min of looking to get something they could get in 10 seconds? :twisted:
I am sorry, I prefer the positive attitude here to the one reflected in the other game. It is not my place, but if it were I would tell you to keep it positive and constructive, or please do not comment.

I am not happy about all the changes here. I deal with what comes, and watch to see how Admin responds to complaints. Admin, you are doing a good job of improving the site with the better server. Please do not let a few Nay-Sayers bring you down.
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deathbykiss this thread is for ideas for the game not for whining, so anyway i have another idea maybe we could have a texas holdem game in the casino if its posible,not for real money ofcoarse just playing with the money we have in the game,have tables for highrollers and lower lvls with minimum antes and all in tables, i love texas holdem and maybe if a few players could sit at a table playing at a time it would be nice to play and pass the time while we wait for energy and hunger to refill, plus i know alot of texas holdem games online have 100s of thousands of players maybe if we have that aswell it could bring in some more ppl, thinking on this a little further it might be a bit of trouble when playing because you would have to change the screen to do crimes and stuff so we would have to have the game opened in 2 pages or it would have to open in a different application so that we could just click between them, probably would take a bit of work, but its just an idea so if it works it works if it doesnt it doesnt :|
DeathbyKiss Wrote:Go ahead and copy Viva all you want this game still sucks!! Only max 74 people on at once outta 3000+ tell you anything. Used to be 100+ online at any given time. Look its almost 8 pm and only 46 people on. LOL
So why are you here? Your obviously not welcome. :evil:

I love Texas Hold em that would awesome Maybe it could open in a new Tab like this page does so you can click between the two
Could we could have a clan Armoury..??

it would make distribution of meds easier and people could donate such items also to the clan as weapond and med's
clan armoury would be a good idea.
especially if the clan armory completed with option to lending or rent.
of course if rent, means there's a price they should pay to clan before they get the item,


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