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New Server bugs
Since the previous topic is locked I thought I would start a new one. Love the new look of the game.
Sever is laggy is there anything you can do to fix that? Also when clicking various links I get sent to forbidden areas also when I went to click get it on I was given this Fatal error: Call to undefined function Error() in /home1r25a/????/cxvvdgbddfgd/ on line 23
I know there are a few more problems but the lag is not fun. I hope that can get fixed
[Image: 73300b0262.jpg]

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i got this a few times since 2-3 days now

403 Forbidden

You are not allowed to access this page. Possible problems:

* Missing index file
* Misconfigured mod_rewrite settings in .htaccess
* Authentication Failure
* Incorrect file or folder permissions

Clustered Webhosting running enhanced Apache Webserver
yea I get that a lot also Eukaly and the fatal 403 error. and I cant get on if I use AOL and IE only when I use Firefox
Me to,and sometimes take several minutes for page to load.
403 Forbidden - means that some ip`s are banned.
page take to long to load? - well that`s it, i can`t afford a better server(anyway it`s good enough for the amount of players i have online).
if other errors happens, maybe the mysql server is down .. or some processes .. they will be fixed, don`t need to post every mysql error, or fatal pager error etc. they will be all fixed, things like this may happen
good luck ..
Thanks, Admin, for continuing to try for us, and for the advance warning this time!
no problem. thanks for supporting the game.
got this message the second time today

QUERY ERROR: Server shutdown in progress
Query was SELECT u.*,us.* FROM users u LEFT JOIN userstats us ON u.userid=us.userid WHERE u.userid=869
It was admin working on the game. Sometimes it happends not to work and if admin is online then you know why Tongue
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Thanks for the explanation! Knowing makes it much less annoying!

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