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Staff does a lot more than give suggestions, I know this. I also know Admin cannot do it all alone. Apparently, Staff as non-players did not work, so he was trying to find something that would work. I stand by the suggestion of players from several clans all working together.

I do not want staff as I would not be comfortable not sharing things with my partner. As in real life, honesty and openness makes for a healthier relationship.

As for the players who gave up playing to be staff, you have the gratitude of the other players. However, if Admin feels the need to try something else, please try not to be too bitter. Not every experiment works out.
BB, this is a game where it will never work out Staff to be same as Players. Remember at the beginning ???

Rle, Cheeky, Rickyboy and Predator??? How soon after were they down from being Staff by the Word of Players???

As i said this will never work. And i quit being staff coz no matter what suggestions or help i gave i was pointed over and over again. Even if i was right or wrong to everyone , not just some specific players. So you see... is not that i am the fact that this game wont have Staff Players ever as too much hate and disrespec is around Wink

So i am not sure it will work to have access to all the logs by them... many will see it as ... getting to personal , like reading mails, see the transfer logs etc. You are not allowed anyway to transfer so ... to have a look on that log its not a big deal...but everything else believe me will be FIRE between Players and Staff...

This is UWW not VP , BB....remember that Wink
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
Yes, this is very different, but we need to learn from others mistakes.

I am sorry I misunderstood the tone in your messages. I do think there has to be an answer, though. I know Cheeky, rle, you, and many others used to come to Chat and talk to players there. I think that helped more than anything else to help many of us make the transition to the new game, we did not feel as alone. Then again, we were like the Boomers in R/L, there were so many all at once, we forced changes.

(EDIT: Learn to type, Bitchy!)
The chat room is most of the times empty... thats why i dont even know if i should go there anymore Sad

Yes, it is hard... but i dont see anything that will help this game to have Staff... it will be always a problem of whom to get up there Wink

PS: hmm perhaps an idea will work out but that depends on the players that will be brough as Staff...
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
Guys, i am a late entrant to this discussions but here is my 2 cents, i have already mentioed this to admin and elly:

Lets have staff member to help the admin, but to avoid controversy, lets not give them any privilage.

The admin doesnt really need a lot of help to read mails, trust me, i have been a staff member and being a 18+ game, there is not much to be censured.

We have 1 - 2 players to answer queries of new and old players about game related features and any potential bugs. If they dont have answers, they go back to the admin and get an answer.

We have 2-3 players to check out the multis (this is the most tedious job for a staff).

We have a 4-5 players who can be UWW police staff. They will try to resolve disputes. God know, there are many cases of harrassments reported which are not even to close to it. These members can have access to attack logs.
Again, no harm done. Attack logs dont really give you any inside info.
For matters of foul language etc can be passed on to the admin.

We have a group of old players to accept new ideas, discuss the merits and turn them over to the admin for coding. May be 2 new ideas every month or maybe less.

None of these staff members need to spend a lot of time since the work is shared.

None of them need any special privilages. So none should complain. There will be fair representation from all clan and clanless players.

In short, the work will get done. Admin can concentrate more on coding and improvements.

No one will get to the admin directly. Everyone goes through the staff members and can be screened.

What do you guys think?

Here to Enjoy and Help.
Just ask!
I asked myself Admin if its possible to code in such way those Staff members to have access only on some logs and he said it can be done... so i think this idea may work if all Clans Leaders agree on it...and each of them send 1-2players here as a list... so why not try it Smile

Like this nobody will ever complain about anything anymore... Wink
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
I like Asmita's idea. By breaking up the responsibility, you are limiting the amount of abuse possible, as well as making it more attactive to more players to act as Staff.

One suggestion, though. I do not think it is practical to order people to come up with new suggestions on command, though there are professions where it is done, I know. May I respectfully suggest the players continue to use the boards to make suggestions, with someone making sure the good ones (or the ones with some support, like my request for black roses lol) get sent on?

Also, maybe the Clan Presidents and Vice Presidents can try to screen possible harrassment involving their members before cases are brought up to the Staff? I am sure most are misunderstandings, or can be resolved by the offending player being told to knock it off. (Yes, I have resolved cases from both examples.) This might take a little pressure off so the real harrassment cases can be dealt with faster. This will take reminding players to talk to their leaders before contacting Staff. In time, it may help.
Bitchy, slight clarification before i go on my vacation:

I did not mean the suggestions to come as a command. More like collect player suggestions, weigh them and then try to pass possibkle ones to the admin.

We can include some real life coders to assess the viability of such suggestions too.

Here to Enjoy and Help.
Just ask!

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