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( hope Im in the right part of the board if not move me Tongue )

Yes, I will have my say on this matter.

I expected some comments on my becoming staff but how and by whome it was said was way out of line and totally uncalled for.

Of course I had access to inside information. To use that to my own advantage would be very easy BUT also detectable!!!!!!
Why would I risk my integrity, my own peace of mind, the trust of the admin and players /friends by selling out ? oh and dont forget being fedded from a game I love to play.....

I was hung drawn and quartered before I even started !!
Such prejudice disgusts me.
To say if it were any other player than me who became staff the reactions would be the same is pathetic. An empty arguement to use.
Note that the only players at that time who objected were * enemies * of my clan even though I was already staff for 4 days. why doesnt that suprise me ?

To make matters worse one player was * co erced into taking the same view.

This construction of player/staff has given some problems in the past but they are not me..... I know for a fact that former staff used inside info to manipulate people and actions,for (personal/clan/ friends) gain .No one ever complained about that!!!
Many knew but as long as the info was to their own advantage they kept silent about this abuse of rights.
I am in no way to be compared to that and find it most insulting that I have been.

If I knew certain information which would be negative toward my clan/ friends so be it. Im sure that if I would tell my clan/friends I would lose all respect from them and that would hurt me big time. Furthermore I also said I would be non staff during a war.

My * job as staff was to make sure the rules were being honoured and to maintain fair play, that was my only reason for accepting and a good one as well as there is so much unfairness going on, not for personal or clan gain. There is no sence of achievement in any form if it is done by cheating, manipulating and betraying trust.Some seem to think otherwise, I dont. It is not the tools that define a person but how those tools are used.

So, what are the alternatives? use a non active player ?
That would garantee impartiality ? of course not! Even such a player can misuse info if wanted, inactive or not, in a clan or not.

Get a non player to admin ? chances of that are almost non existent.
Hell even admin can misuse info if he wanted ! ( no offence admin Tongue )

No staff? admin is already overloaded as it is, to have no staff will eventually have negative effect on the game.

The fact remains, staff is needed. It seems admin trusted me enough to give me this * job * I was hounoured to be asked and I loved working behind the scenes to help keep the game fair, brainstorming about new ways to better the game etc etc.

To be found guilty of a crime one must first commit one!.
Very well said ZZZ and the fact that noone even knew you were staff obviously shows that you were not misusing your powers. Like you said everyone has their own set of rules towards other players being staff based on what they gain from it ----We have all seen that.

I can see from fedjail that you were working hard in your short term to clean up the game too bad others dont have the commen sense to see this. Admin needs staff that is obvious as to the amount of people you already put in fedjail . He cant be online 24/7 to catch all the people with multi accounts.

I did like the Idea of one staff from different clans to help that would even the playing field. My vote would be Bitchy Bear for one not just cause she is in my clan but because she is the most honest person I have ever met
Despite what you may think miss Z,world does not spin around you.
I never said you're not honest or anything similar.I just said that I don't feel comfortable to know that you can read my mail.
How would you feel if I could read yours?
We were done with active player staff thing and I think it was mistake to do it again.But,if there is no other way;
My suggestion was that if you are to remain staff,then other clans should also have representatives among staff.Top 4-5 clans anyway.No one backed up that suggestion.
You say,one that was staff before you(that would be Elly,right?),was not fair,cheated,was bully...etc...
Elly made some mistakes of course.She is my friend,so I didn't scream about it in paper.I told her in mail when she was wrong.
Anyway,what makes you think you're better than she is?That you would be more fair and handle things better?What are you,Mother Teresa?
Of course you're not.You are also only human.You're no better than anyone else.
Nothing I said in paper and here was against you personally.Please stop making it that way.
"My suggestion was that if you are to remain staff,then other clans should also have representatives among staff.Top 4-5 clans anyway.No one backed up that suggestion."

I did 5 x over
Sorry Osiris,I must have missed that.
I do not believe that I mentioned any thing about you in my post here hound.
I was stating my case no more or no less than that, in general, nothing to do with you.

seems ur missing the point entirely.

I do not care who reads my mail, as any thing really important is discussed outside mail system, the past learnt me to use that method...

Would be a good idea, staff from certain clans, a bit over the top but * fair *
Time will then tell who can be trusted and who not.......
kinda like that program, The weakest Link , :lol:

thanks Osi you seem to understand what I wanted to say.

Any way, I said my bit. Im done with this topic. Big Grin
First, please do not bandy my name around for staff, Osiris! LOL

I like the idea of several players being asked to become staff, I think Admin seriously needs the help. I do not support just the Bloodthirsty Clans sending reps, though. The Peaceful Clans have many excellent players, who are already sacrifficing enough to be in the peaceful Clan. To cause them to also give up the chance to become staff would be asking them to sacrifice too much, in my opinion.

Who do you select and how? LOL I have suggestions of players I would rather not see selected as they are relatively inactive, but no idea how Admin should "hire" a new staff. I do think hours of availability should matter, both in quantity and your own time zone, so staff is available as close to 24/7 as possible.
i still dont agree with players being staff but if clans are to be represented,then why just the top 5 ? also non clan players also need to have some sort of representation and i think that will be just way to many staff but i agree with osirus ............bitchy bear would be a great choice,shes unbias and fair ,i have always said she should run for presidency lol so why shouldnt she start here ....FOLLOW THE BEAR
all good responses yor right everyone playing should be involved. Maybe admin can designate a top ten of the active players and we go to vote. Your right there are many excellant choices in peaceful clans AND they would not be so caring about mails as they dont have to worry about impending war.

But bottom line from seeing what ZZ did in 3 days shows that the game needs to be cleaned up and all those with dual IPS need to be jailed. the faster the game gets cleaned up maybe the more players will stay and play
I must say this is a nice subject... woow talking about me behind my back...but i will like to thank Admin for trusting me with being Staff for such a long time and taking in consideration so many idead i got from Players , including my so call enemies.. For example Bard. I am sure he knows which idea of his was taken in consideratin at the beginning of this year. And many more other players...
Second of all.. i think it was a big DEAL on rle and Cheeky time about players being Staff , WASNT IT ?? I didnt played as player and lost how much months on not doing it???

So let me ask this :

Is it right that now we back those rules to the BIN and lets leave the Players be Staff no matter the Clans and everything else??

Is it so hard to give suggestions and help without being Staff??? No, i dont think it is.. look at me i still help with some ideas for jobs, items etc.. as Mister Black Lycan and some of his friends, as well passions and soulkepper gave ideas... was it so hard?? No it wasnt !

So lets make this right... if we have Staff players then i will like to get my right to have back some levels as well my husband and Dusti who we lost lots of time being Staff. Is that sounds right? Smile

I think NOT , but hey my right to ask after all , isnt it? Wink
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.

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