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Attack limit,leveling
Soul, Bitchy, Osi......

I agree with you completely.

We will also have to take into consideration the fact the game shud be made as interesting for the younger player.
They should find encouragement and a urge to play hard to go up.

when there are 4000 level 1 in the hospital, i am sure many are new players and not really inactive.
A level one logging in to find thenselves 500 mins in hospital is not exciting at all.

Again, drawing to our VPonta experience, we should get better exp from higher players.

There should be more more ways to engage urself. Say like the VP "Scratch cards", can be used one every hour, and with meaning full prizes. If we look back, additions like "achievements" gave the game new life.

There should be more ways to make money. Things like pimping, and black markets that give u more oppurtunity.

As of now, the steps in UWW are: Do ur 200/400 crimes. Do your streets. Do your clubs. Decide how many u want to attack today. Check for juicy stuff on the newspaper.

There was a time (god sent, when VP crashed) when we had a lot of players. But they left bcoz the game did not provide for enuf kicks. With all its trouble, VP got back to its feet and is doing much better now, inspite of all the problems with Analis.

I know doing new things, means more money to be spent, something that looks tuff, but its a business and you will have to take a risk, you will have to invest.

As boring as it is getting today, the lower ones dont see enuf activity, so do not get too interested. The higher ones have nothing to achieve. Most of us are frnds, so never too much of a dispute to fight for.

UWW will retain these many players for ever if it can survive. There will be higher level players leaving bored and a few younger ones playing. But it wont get any bigger.

Its a choice we must make, to let it die a silent and natural death or a inject some new money and take the risk.

PS: Soul, i am give you a tuff competition on soap box time....

Here to Enjoy and Help.
Just ask!
well, let`s to this together then, give me ideas of new stuff for filling the cities.. also, tell me what else you would like to be changed.. and i will try to.
should i change the limit of crimes for different levels? .. should i reset the game? Big Grin
yes osi i was so dissapointed when i had paid out my money and my drops just to find 3 items in the new city i had just spent so much time and effort to arrive at.......,much ,much, more content must be added to the cities and shops,smaller less expensive items but of interest should be added as well as just expensive weapons,i think all things are so expensive that the new players just think .....i will never be able to buy that item and then see the the price of ritchie ritchies and think this is a rich mans game,lower prices and better content on the dps i feel would benefit the game,it is better to have 300 players buying lower priced dps but with good content than just having 2 or 3 ppl buying them on the odd occasion as i think happens now and asmita,i love the idea of some sort of achievment ladder like in vp,that alone in that game kept me interested and i had it just about completed before the game folded,i think we should do or admin should do as some countries and industries do and look at certain things on the market and copy the good useful bits from various other products and then add the best bits to his game,i know we keep mentioning vp but why not copy some of its ways and i am sure there are other games out there that could have there assets stripped to help our game that we all love playing so much, a simple maze game and a demon that wont even fight,lol well mine wont hes always injured for some reason and so is evey demon i try and fight just isnt the sort of thing that keeps ppl interested,.....a different attack system where more exp is gotten , less reliance on weapons and more on stats so training actually counts,agility in a lot of games can actually create a stalemate in some games as the speed cancels the weapons attacks,more cities and content,less costlier items and dps to encourage new players and i would love a city where there is a portal where you can travel to higher level cities at a cost to attack high level players that are out of reach to attack them and gain lots of exp Smile but not be able to enter the shops to buy or to stay for any length of time just to do the attack............and as bloodhound mentioned before a 50,000 starter money pack would be good to help you pay to get your drink problem sorted for new players and to buy a small house so the crimes are not impossible to do and as bitchy mentioned non attacks until you get a certain level,all this i think will help to keep new players instead of them just giving up after a few i am now done
as for the attack limit i think its not a good idea if 20 players above level 200 have 500 attacks limit the result will be same for new players (active) i think for some no. of days they can not be attacked when they level up it will be much better as for my level highest crime give less exp so i have no other choice to do mass attacks now its upto admin and senior players what change they want Smile
I understund you bhound.
I say that long time about me and passion ,but you are not right about ridicilous and you know why.I wanted to say this in passion and my name but i will say only for me , this lvling with attacks is just tactic of someones game and why you and Asmita dont do it (it was example of you two nothing important) its your choice.I saw something in that attacks and just do that.
About weapons
I say one nice thing before many months when i was 80 lvl that ADMIN should make that every player can buy only 2 or 4 weapons from every city.This 4 was mention because of clan.So we will skipp that player from 80 lvl have weapons from 500 lvl and so on...But ofcourse then ppl say why we have clans then and this idea go down.
About meaning of game
Guys you talking how this game need action .BIG LOL.I remember when guy caled Showstoper try to make game interested and all of you was attacking him because of that.And this game is not tetris game.Yes i also whine sometimes but only for good of the game.
And the most important thing for game is this :
and how to have wars and to game be more interesting
we make of this game tetris game with this.
Maybe i have more to say , if i remember i put in other post Smile
Totally agree with Alekto in many things. Lvl up is a strategy used by some which is the same startegy used by others to gain more stats or more money etc.
We have many limits already in the game , which exacly as Alekto wrote it.. its suppose to be a WAR GAME, still we got LIMITS on online attacks. Indeed thats ridiculous but well what can we do? More complains about this matter LOL as usual. I am looking at games as VP, TC, B3 where was and still isnt limits on attacks , why simple is a game of war and strategy. You know to play it then do it if not search for something else.

Limits will only make the game even more boring and more players will leave..look already on how many inactives are.. why? Simple the game become boring once you reach lvl 50 with all the limits you get on your play.

So no i dont think another limit will help, but to take limist from some things wll do, the game will become more interesting, more players will try thier best etc.
The game became only click click click on doing crimes and gettng stats and many some attacks on lvl 1, which is really stupid, on my personal point of view, as i try not to do it really. I believe in proper attacks not -400lvl difference ones.

Thats all i got to say..
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
My suggestion was to limit attacks after certain level.500,700,or 1000,whatever.
Let us discus that first.
There is limit on bank,online attacks,crimes,dominance.....either we like it or not limits are there.
Some kind of limit on attacks even after level 1000 would also be ok.No one will be hurt that way.

About what my silly friend Altekola said,I agree with some of it.We definitely need more action.
Maybe free online attacks will bring some spice in game?(Mmmm....I would keep Alekote in hosp all day long lol).
Ohh no limits for online attacks... wait for couple of hours and you will see here only crying babies about this matter. A war game shouldnt have online limits ever, accually make it this way a game whatsoever game it is should NEVER have limits for online attacks.
Everyone pays for their DP's , everyone has it paid rl money or game money doesnt matter. Most of the activeplayers have it so all can say yes or no to this matter. Fact is Admin will do as a bunch of crying people will say so he doesnt lose them, the game already has less then 50players per day. Thats a survival which can go anytime indeed. But the game will become more and more boring and to be honest i will ask for a reset just to make it FAIR for all and we all can start over again and fix the problems before that. Maybe admin will be nice enough and give us one of the best Dp's to each and well lets do it again... lol
As things are now... this is just a game of ...lets lvl up... coz nothing else happends and if it started to happend well ..somehow it ends fast enough to not damage someone who is donating to the game. And the paper is full of those complains all the time : " i wont donate a penny anymore coz i am attacked all the time." .. well of course you are if all you do shows only stupidity or ... more LOL . Thats how things are right now.

Limits over everything.. what the hell... come on... lets put timit on how many drops i am allowed to use for trainign everyday, "how many items i am allowed to buy from one city and sell everyday .. etc etc etc.. How about LIMITS over everything... And lets change the name of the game in " THE LIMIT " !!!!

Eheheheh thats a nice name ...yes... :lol:

PS: I noticed soulkeeper has some good suggestios[ after he point it out to me lol] so why not going from there and make some more adds ? I am sure there are plenty of players to help out somehow ... if they want to do it Wink
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
First, all this limit vs no-limit debate will always go in the favour of NO LIMITS.

Remember the movie Matrix, thats what they said. We, human beings love choices. We want to decide what we want to do. Do not like to be dictated. We will probably stay within limits ourselves but wouldnt want to be told what to do.

Now, if I had a game of my own:
For commercial interests, I will try to make things easier for the new comers and more and more difficult for older guys.

How will this help?
Newer players will find a sense of acomplishment that will help them get interested.
Senior players have played enuf already. They will need to find tricks and ingenious ways to get better of others.

A small example: (Might give a solution to the attack limit thing as well)
All attacks give experience between 0% to 10%.
The higher I attack the more exp I get. Universally. Whatever level I belong.
You get about 1% for same level attacks.
The exp goes to fractions for any one below that.
10 levels below your level, you dont get any exp at all.

Now that was simple. But what will Alekto do??.......(Alekto, just an example, i meant the top lvl player)
Experience should be gained from crimes. There can be special tickets for extra crimes. Some one around level 1000 has enough money to do so.
He attacks 10 levels below him to gain exp. Of course he would not make 10 levels a day, but wud advance slowly(Admin, you dont need to rush with your cities. Wink )

Frankly, At that level, I dont think the levels are important. We need to find something better to do. Something like the achievement thing. You know, like we had in VP. You can also check the achievement on the "Mafia Wars" on facebook.

We will HAVE to come up with more and more new ideas. Leveling doesnt give you any sense of achievement anymore. Alekto, What do you think? Leveling gives u an satisfaction? Passions, dont you want to do something else? Something that makes sense.

Soul Keeper, If other games have better ideas, lets borrow them. We need them survive.

PS: My suggestion is that in a day or so, one of us will need to compile the ideas, and not the opinions and pass it on to the admin, so that he can work on it.

Makes sense guys?

Here to Enjoy and Help.
Just ask!
ASMITA SAY : We will HAVE to come up with more and more new ideas. Leveling doesnt give you any sense of achievement anymore. Alekto, What do you think? Leveling gives u an satisfaction?

I must answer on this i m sry Asmita Smile
Well this is part of the game and if you ppl dont understund what lvling give you it means that you dont understund game
I will accept whatever change admin made in game and i will accept and ofcourse i will change my own game also .I already give him some ideas but i dont think he will accept them

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