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Attack limit,leveling
it`s a war game. also you can chose to play or not. please remember i created protections, well use them lol. remember that higher players don`t make exp from crimes, so they need to attack. Suggestion, try a protection pack or simply buy more drops, train more.. and beat them. It`s a war game, it`s competition. If u`r feeling u`r lost.. then u don`t have any chance. Life goes on, the game as well.. with bad or good.. Smile
so, i think everybody could make his experiences with the new attacks in the last days...i wanna hear some opinions.
mine (hoping that its not forbitten to have an own opinion and to voice it): game became boring...only making lvls by crimes now cause thoose players who bring exp are in hospital all day long...if u have some players u can attack...and active players make onlineattacks with permission to each other to be secured if they have no protection that they wont get attacked by a high lvled player... in my eyes, game lost some fun with the changes and just slowed down...
I think everyone is allowed to express an opinion, if done in a respectful tone to the game and to Admin. Not that you have to like the changes, which is a good thing! LOL

Personally, I prefer the changes as it gives me a lot more targets to get some sort of experience from, when I chose to attack. 2% or 3% may not be much, but it sure beats .852...!

Also, I hope this will keep some of the newer players from leaving because they always log in to the hospital!

I say, give it at least another week before any drastic changes are even considered. Lets see what happens.
so far so good

i like the new attack system, expecially the point that stats counts more now, but as milena said u have to wait all day long for victims
my suggestion: what about reducing the hospital time?
2h for 1 attack is enough in my eyes, so u can get more victims and the players who spend more time in this game gets a small advantage 8-)

and plz remove this trap thing, this is bullshit :evil:
just my 2 cents
even 2 hours is still very long, but maybe that would change it a little bit, cause now they get 4 hours hospital time or more.... and not many players have so much time everyday to play, so no chance to attack anybody now. i would say its worth trying it with less hospitaltime
i agree ,less hospital time would be great,it would keep players more interested,there is a bite if you want to keep ppl in for a long time,with less hospital time ppl might not take so much offense over each attack either,waiting between 2 and 5 hours for a target to get out of hospital is wayyyyyyyy to long,let's get them out quick so we can put them back in ,line em up !!!!!! Smile i agree with eukaly about the traps to 10% is a lot to lose when i make so little............trash the traps

I try to be fair with all but seems its not posible.
You want to make game like this :
stop high lvl players progressing ( its ok game needed that ) BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW IS TO STOP THEM TO PROGRESS AT ALL
Explain me how is posible that lvl 250 hit player who is 950 ? and i was have weapons on ? so i ask myself why i have very good stats like passion and soulkeper ( IF SOME OF YOU SAYS ITS GREATE NOW ITS IMPORTANT STATS . HAHA JOKE ME MORE ) and this 250 lvl player is not even in top 20 with stats .
Less time minute in hospital ?
well all 200 above lvl players have enough money to buy meds for 10 online attacks . dont tell me that you dont have because you are all whining about my 500 minutes .I M 950 LVL THATS WHY 500 MINUTES. ALL WHINERS.


I accept always what admin made but you are whiners . So i will wait you all to come close to me and start to attacking you then , like some of you sugest me . Well no chance .

This with attacks you say its good .
Yes its good but for who ?????
for lvl 300 or 400 who can hit three top players and now 4 . And how is that posible ? Its totaly wrong even 550 lvl players cant hit me because we have same weapons and i m much much better in stats but this changes make that you can even do that . Its bad .Ofcourse for you its greate .I play this game also like you .Why you didnt want to play diferent its your desicion.

And now you want to make same lvl 400 with 900 are you normal ?

And ofcourse whining about online attacks . Well you know what i think i was to much fair with all of you .
From now on i will making all 10 online attacks and bway admin say fine : you have protection days to buy .
Why should i send meds for you anymore . All above 200 have enough money for them . I saw that i loosing much money for only 10 attacks for 10 % exp.And you dont lose anything .

And ofcourse i must find way to continue to play game , and i find him so accept or continue to whining.

Hate me how much you want and maybe 3 person and ADMIN know realy what i m talking .
i know and everyone else knows that what ALEKTO has just written is absolutly correct,some players expect high level players to just sit back and wait for others to catch up, high level players have shown a lot of respect and not attacked constantly and have had to take a lot of bad mail from players in return of an attack , we risk traps,we risk abuse lol for attacks which we dont even get a lot of exp from , where as most players are laughing getting ther 5 to 15%,we played hard and long to get what everyone else is getting so easy,lol i might sound bitter but i'm not i am just pointing out that we need to carry on our game and try to stay ahead the best we can, i feel for ALETKO as he put more time and effort in more than most,so if we attack dont abuse us just realise its players trying to get exp and all of you can afford the meds and at most its 10 attacks of which none are guarranted to work and with ALETKOS stats and mine and passions and a handful of others also with our weapons that we worked hard for Smile we should not lose any attacks but we do, ive tried to explain things best i can so dont be annoyed if at times you find your self in hospital after all its why we trained hard and got our levels and stats so we can be good in the game
Many good points have been brought up in this thread, almost too many to catch at the first reading. I am glad to see so many trying to help improve the game.

The one point that bothers me the most is the 250 who could take Alekto! The player was probably as surprised as he was. lol Perhaps there is a new twist in the game, where the random luck can help. You are aware, I am sure, in R/L the weak little guy can occasionally get lucky and take down the biggest and baddest. You see it quite often in sports.

As for this being a strategy game, well, yes, this is true. I have my own personal strategy I am following to continue to succeed in this game in the way I wish to play. Many others have told me it is wrong, but they are just trying to force their own strategy on me. Life goes on and I continue to be happy here. You have your own strategy. if I disagree with it, I am not wrong. We are each entitled to use our own personal strategy.

Though this is a "War Game" this is also a game involving other people. Manners still count, and the unspoken rules of society. Please think twice before using "War Game" as an excuse to toss your morals by the wayside. No offense to anyone, but if you are taking offense, perhaps you should examine the way you are playing.

Lower hospital times for stealing souls seems like a good idea on the surface. As was mentioned, there is biting for long hospital times and no experience. Why does anyone object to this? Yes, I can afford the meds, but part of the game is to MAKE money, not spend it. There are too few ways to make up the money you lose now.

That is another point many seem to be missing. One of the main goals in this game is to make more money. The more cash you have, the better your training, the better your weapons, and the better your chances of accomplishing what you wish to accomplish. True, money can be bought with Donator Packs, but the one goal that seems to have been forgotten is to EARN money, and lots of it. It is also a basic part of the Vampire culture. Perhaps that thought should be examined also.

By the way, SoulKeeper, I am lower in levels than you, but I also play hard to keep my stats up. lol I think Stats should count! No, none of you sit and wait for me, or any other player unles you chose to. I will come when I am ready. The point of a marathon is not always to come in first, sometimes the point is just to finish.
Nice to someone understund strategy Bitchy Bear Smile

you have your own and thats is

But : Bitchy Bear wrote : but part of the game is to MAKE money, not spend it.

That is another point many seem to be missing. One of the main goals in this game is to make more money. The more cash you have, the better your training, the better your weapons, and the better your

Apsolutely right 100%
And maybe my strategy is to you lose money not to make.Maybe i will forced you with 500 minute in hospital to spend some money ? This is also some way of strategy ?

I say again you cant only look what is good for you and ask from admin to change it ( or you are doing that ).

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