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Attack limit,leveling
I agree to a degree soul it has slowed down the top players and allowed the lower levels to catch up we can no longer gain 10 - 14 levels per day anymore but they can -----But they will eventually hit the wall we hit and slow down what this will bring is a lot more players in the 200 level range which means more targets for us to hit cuz they will be slow now also at leveling.
Biggest problem I see now is the 500 minutes in the hospital I mean it is great to be at the top and its your right to put people in for longer than everyone else but it is killing all our targets

I think max Minutes should be 150 that will turn the players over faster especially the ones who aren't on line for days.

I say give the benefit to the top players in hospital time to when they bite someone ---This will benefit them during war or if someone really pisses them off ----so when they bite someone they get them put in for 800 minutes or so depending on level. But stealing souls should be Low minutes in hospital This would also help in war times as players would get out quicker and you could still get exp while warring
Oh I also agree with the punching bag thing soulkeeper I could leave my clan with a couple million in meds and redbull let them level off me all day long getting 15% per hit then join my clan again -----I would have a clan of all level 200 - 300 players. Then people would really cry ----I think 12 is a good number for online attacks
i agree with the hospital time and the bite thing i said a simular thing in a previous post,how do you spell simular,similuar,Smile some thing very much the same
I am glad someone else realized my question was NOT answered. Pay Pal is the preferred way for most to donate, for many reasons, so their policies must be considered in changes.

As for the on-line attacks, I am sure Osiris is not the only one to consider leaving his Clan to help the others level up. That would spoil the game, in my opinion, so thus, the limits make more sense yet.

Yes, limiting hospital time sounds good, and it may bring up targets faster, but as has been previously mentioned, making your opponents spend money on meds is also a good strategy. Until we can find a way to balance these two points, I do not see a solution. Yes, biting would make for longer hospital time, but until biting gives at least SOME experience, I do not think it is really logical to suggest it except as it is currently used.

By the way, Soulkeeper, I believe it is spelled s-i-m-i-l-a-r. ;-)
yea BB but biting would only be done during war or if someone pissed you off so you dont get exp from it ---you have to choose ----Get the exp and give him lower hospital time ---or he REALLY pissed you off screw the EXP I want to bury him for 600 minutes.

if you think you are gonna drain someone's money by making them buy meds all the time I dont think so ----the game gives so many meds I doubt that is a good strategy to play with. But having guys get out of hospital in 1/3 the time will keep targets coming so we wont all be fighting for the same ones ----and once the lower level players become midlevel players we also will have more targets and the game will start to balance off.
I like the way the game is structured now More balance will come as we move forward ------its the first time in a long time that I have been timing a player with my watch to fight for his exp

Plus This is helping my carpel tunnel as my wrist and fore arm feels better already -----making 4000 clicks a day was ridiculous before----boring and monotonous
Good job Admin
and yes BB I believe 98% of us got the question you were asking
Your points are also strong, Osiris. I think I will sit back and watch, listening to those who level by attacking for a while before forming a solid opinion.
Online attacks limited on 12,fights based mainly on stats,exp win changed.
All good.Game has improved with those changes.
Maybe just to make hosp time little lesser and that's it.
Well,at least for now.

P.S.Traps are crap.Protection is enough.
Osiris Wrote:No that DID NOT answer her question at all ----and I do remember you being a fan of limits to online attacks when your buddy Vlad was being attacked 24/7 his game was disrupted so much that he couldnt play so he would complain to paypal

Ithink you are mistaken me with Dusti. Never was a friend of Vlad and wont be Wink

And agree with you BH... the hospital time needs to be changed indeed on attacks...too long :roll:
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

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