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Attack limit,leveling
I will suggest something even though I know many won't like it.
It seems that game became about pushing buttons.Attacks,attacks,attacks...
Alekto is 930 or something like that.I am sorry,but this looks ridiculous to me.(He will surely hate me for this).
We have limit on crimes to prevent players to earn too much money and too many levels.
Wouldn't it be good if we have daily limit on attacks to?Say for players above 500?
Just a thought.Feel free to comment.
My limit is when my carpel tunnel starts to kick in LMAO ----I agree to some extent but I guess it how much time you are willing to put into the game or how bad the lag is killing you on that day
Well what personally amazes me is the ability of players to keep on attacking.
Its too boring.

I feel what we require in this game is a players. How we might attract them is something I dont have an answer to.

Viva-Ponata is a game that taught me how to play, how come it gets so many players whereas we dont?

When we have a lot of players we are going to be a very different game.

Lets do something to achieve more players in the game.

And about limit to attacks, lets find something better to do before we put a cap to it.

Here to Enjoy and Help.
Just ask!
theese kind of changes always cut the younger players most. it takes away any chance of catching older ones at higher lvls... it was same with houses, at the beggining everybody trained stats like hell when somebody borrowed money for big house, then taxes came... thoose who had good stats already had an advantage, rest should train in smaller houses or invest much money. what else was the consequence? it got much more difficult to save money because of the taxes u pay when u sell ur house. it hurts most if u dont have so much money, and who are thoose player who have to fight most about it? not the old ones...
if u start now to limit attacks game will get so boring that i ask u where is the sense going on... all thoose players u have in mind when u suggest this attacks limit will do max attacks and crimes every day. so the distance in lvl will always stay nearly same, maybe it going slower forward in lvls but that doesnt matter when u have same gets nearly impossible to catch...and in addition it will become much more difficult for new players the beginning it doesnt matter as long as attacks bring exp. and then when they come to 100, exp go down, 150 u wont find much players anymore who give u exp, 200 u have to do mass-attacks for lvl up. from that day they have no change anymore to get closer to higher lvl players... is this how u want game?
all excellent points milen ----if you limit attacks guys who join would never stand a chance of catching older players. Passions and Alekto are good examples of hard work and dedication can move you past the players who started the game at the beginning. And they all had the advantage of Igor, No interest on house, the whole Loan scam and much EXP from crimes
i agree with certain things that have been said,i have said for a long time that the game has just turned into button pushing to level up and i agree it is boring,i liked the game when stats actually meant something and you could attack a higher level player because you had trained hard and got stats not just leveled, i also got my gaming experience from viva ponata where the game didnt totally rely on weapons but a certain amount of stats but to cap attacks for different levels i think is now to late,it will be unfair to some and an advantage to others,but a better attack system that get you more than 0.6% would help after a certain level that is all you can get thats why players have to attack hundreds of times a day, i loved the days when i could attack a higher player and get between 5/10%,there was a choice then to level or stat and see what stratedgy paid off to make ppl train more but now the only option is to level up constantly attacking low level players and yes its not much fun,its a war game but ppl dont war anymore and at times the server is just to slow to war any way,i like the game i must do i play it for hours i also like the ppl in the game i wish i had an answer but i dont,i wish more ppl would play,but a cap on attacks i think would stop a lot off the regular players playing,sorry bloodhound i didnt answer your question or find a solution but i think a little sideline like in vp where you can have a someone do something Smile and they make money and you gain strength would add some spice to the game,more content to game is what is needed,also more cities closer together with more items would help also things you can do in them cities and cheaper items the lower levels can afford to buy,that is something that could be done that would help everyone and make the game more interesting it would not effect any levels because the higher levels can back track to the new cities and the lower levels wont have to wait what at times seems years to reach somewhere new which feels like you have achieved something,lol sorry for going on and on,Smile soulkeeper has left the building
I think you are missing the point, a bit. The suggestion was not to limit everyone, just the "older", as in higher level, players. For once, the suggestion will not hurt our newer players. lol I am not sure that will make much difference in the over-all game, though, as the basic problem stays, that of .7% exp for most attacks. If someone is willing to put in that much time for so little return, perhaps we should let them.

Keep talking SoulKeeper, I love hearing new suggestions, myself!
I like Soul' suggestions more cities closer together so you get more of a sense of achievement. between some cities it feels like forever to get there and gets very boring just clicking buttons all day.

I think for upper level players you should get exp based on level of the person you hit that way everyone wouldnt be parked all day on level 1 hitting level one players--if you hit players on your level ( since there really arent many people on your level when you are in the top ten) you should get 1% exp if you hit players above you 1.5% ----100 levels below you .85% 200 level players below .75% 300 levels below players .65% 400 levels below .55% 500 levels below you .45 % ect -----to the point of if you are hitting players 900 levels below you you will only get .15% exp.

This would limit how much EXP the top tear players can get from the level1 players unless they really really work at it and it would leave less people that you could hit on the upper levels.

is this making sense?
You are making perfect sense about the exp. It is frustrating to attack someone 75 levels above yourself for .8% (True, I can show the events.) Besides, how many "will be active" level ones are logging in to find themselves in the hospital every time? I do not blame anyone for that, I just wonder.

More citites will probably stress Admin right now, but I do agree he should look into "filling in" cities instead of adding new, higher cities.

I think either of these suggestions may help make the game more interesting to the new players.
More citites will probably stress Admin right now, but I do agree he should look into "filling in" cities instead of adding new, higher cities.

Totally agree cap the cities at 1000 but make the others more interesting Level 400 has 2 weapons and the car bombs there should be more if you have to spend so much to buy the key

500 has new weapons not much else
again lots of money for the key

make the cities we have more beneficial so everyone will be contained within 1000 levels and more interaction would happen instead of the race to nowhere as it seams now

but most have bought the weapons by the time they reach level 400
so if you know the 3 who have raced to 700 or 900 you can buy those and kill people 300 levels above you and above you in stats. doesnt seem fair. maybe have a way to halt the use of weapons if they are so many levels above you -----say you are on 300 level 500 weapons should be all that you could use as that is all you should be able to afford at that level when you get to 500 the 700 levels are ok to use but being on level 400 with level 900 weapons is stupid ----no reason to train and no reason to level ---I got my second level 500 weapon when I was around level 450 my first when I was 375

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