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I am sure everyone remembers how hard it was to get things going when they started.
At least I do,and I can tell you it wasn't easy.
I had no idea what to do,how to play,nothing.I was like blind chicken searching for food.Was stuck for two days with no money to get rid of alcohol.
I am sure all newbies without someone here to help them feel the same way.
And they leave because of that.That is why we have so many level 1 non active players.
Short tutorial with simple explanation what and how would be big help.
Sign in screen should point on it.
And new players should get bit more money for start.Maybe 50 k or so.
I believe Admin has found someone to do a video showing you how to play which I feel would be a huge help. I remember those early days until you got past level 5 the game sucked and I was in a clan that didn't teach you anything. --I was glad I smartened up and joined another clan that really showed me how to play or else I would have been one of those dead soldiers on level 3 or 4 also.

My friend joined and was stuck in recovery for 2 weeks cuz he had no job yet and no money to get out until he finaly said something to me when I asked why he wasn't playing. and yea maybe make the pay per day a little more or make it easier to get promoted in jobs so you can get past level 5 and start to enjoy the game
Knowing what to do is only half the battle. Either more cash, or even free recovery till level 10 might help more.

I learned with a friend, one wrong button at a time. I think a written detailed tutorial as well as the video might be an excellent idea. Not only does everyone learn differently, but a written tutorial could be saved and consulted without leaving the page you are having difficulty with.
we can also have a secretary who will answer all questions of the newbies.

we had something like that in Viva-Ponata. SOmeone with a squirell as the avatar. i have forgotten the name.

Here to Enjoy and Help.
Just ask!
i always volonteer to do that job
All of us should help in that matter .. not just one person as secretary, but everyone should give some help, explanation etc just as Cheeky,rle68,rickyboy, Lestat,Akasha and many more use to do with all newbies in the game.
Just a secretary wont help, believe me i was there and i know the feeling when 20mails on 1min are there to read and mail back...
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
KissMe, you are correct, a Secretary is not the complete answer to helping the new players, but I do think someone to help solve the tough problems, such as two players on one IP, legitimately, is VERY important. I know, I shared an IP for a while on another game. We had been playing VP for months before I was informed we were "having too much interaction" and we were threatened with Fed Jail. He quit over it. Had I talked to someone who cared, we would have known from the start, and made decisions based on full facts.

However, I do answer any and all questions asked of me by any newer player, no matter what Clan they belong to. If I cannot answer the question, I will refer them on, asking they give me the answer they receive so I know for the next time. I feel we all should do that, even if you are a level one yourself. Helping eachother is what makes this game special, and why I am not active in VP like I am here. Yes, it does get annoying, especially when they ask the same thing repeatedly, but without new players, the game will never grow. I feel the best resource for new players is the older players, though tutorials definately help!

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