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war game? or still tetris?
We will have achievements soon, and other new things.. until then, enjoy the game as it is. Thanks :-)
Game has changed for better.For me and many others.Of course some are not happy with it.But it is impossible to please everyone.

Traps or protection.One of those is enough.
well said, i can`t get pleased everyone
Guys, most of the players posting here have been playing for a quite a while.

at some point or the other we have enjoyed the game.

we hate to leave it mostly bcoz we have spent too much time and our friends are still here.

I think the crux of all our complaints about not finding targets is that we dont have enuf players....

lets get to that.

To get more players we need to make this game some more interesting.

We all say that there is nothing much to do on the game...ok....i agree. lets spend 15 mins, all of us, just 15 mins and pen down a idea that is new and interesting.

we will have 1000's of new ideas. Then lets discuss each one individually. Maybe admin can set up a nice grp of players to choose a few at a time and implement it.

if we had 100s of players online and actively playing, we will not be frnds with everyone and there will be more and more targets.

Thats what we can start working on....

what say...vamps?

Here to Enjoy and Help.
Just ask!
The acheivements are a start...this will be fun! lol

A better way for some of us poorer Vamps to earn a little extra cash for the next house would help. LOL Maybe we could own properties which we could then "rent" to other players? It would save them the initial investment in a house, and give an income to players who priced the housing right! lol No, I have no idea how impossible this will be to code.

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