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war game? or still tetris?
i thought this is a war game now, after all Admin, KissMe etc. said so
but i noticed that many players have protection and traps now
great war game if u cant attack players
what will happen if every player over level 100 has protection/trap?
we can log in do crimes, streets etc and log out for the rest of the day

i understand that admin wants to make some money with the protection/traps, but this definatly kills the fun
how to get EXP without attacks? how to make a war vs a clan when 90% of their members use protection? its still impossible
we have the 10 online attack limit and i find this meaningful, cause after the 10 attacks u r save for the rest of the day
and if we can reduce the hospital time we will have enough offline targets for all
but loosing 10% EXP cause of a trap is still ****

what are the other ones thinking about it?
ok i increased online attacks to 12Smile. The solution will be do make a dp, that will kill the trap on the other user if he is using it .. but then.. where will be the meaning of buying traps? Smile
Well i must agree with eukaly here...this protection and traps makes it almost impossible to attack for exp!

And in a war it would be just silly when one clan is protected and cant be thouched at all...or maybe both clans...that is not a war at all it will only be an long wait untill one clan gets so bored that they give up so they can get back to doing crimes and so again!
what will happen if every player over level 100 has protection/trap?
we can log in do crimes, streets etc and log out for the rest of the day
im afraid thats all i do now and do some stat training, to much complaining when you attack to get exp or get caught in a trap and lose 10% exp when you gain so little,what is the point of having a high level or good stats if someone can just attack you with supreme power or catch you with a trap,seems totally pointless to me,seems like the HOF means nothing,if there is a trap there should be something to counter that or you should only lose the points you would of gained in the attack,if your stats are high then it should be enough to get through the trap or stop supreme power that is what stats are all about
ppl have traps,protection or punch bag each other so online attacks are all done so there protected so no targets and nothing to do,i wanted these changes to work but i dont think they have helped at all.
a week or so ago most ppl were reasonably happy,some attacking low levels offline to level up,some happy with gaining levels from crimes,now all that seems to be happening is players complaining about attacks even though the game has changed to there advantage,all the changes have done is make players complain ,complain and complain again,the game isnt exactly a hard game to play but it seems to me that some players just want there cake and to eat it and make it even easier for them.............i dont think any body is happy now
Sorry to say, but I think Soulkeeper is right. Though the economy is better, the players are very unhappy with the new attack/experience formula. I like some asspects myself, esp the random chance to lose to someone you should beat. lol If it is decided to change things again, i have a suggestion.

One of the objections to the level ones being the targets was a brand new player would be considered an inactive target from the start, unless they happened to be online. Protecting all level ones would not solve this problem. How many games have you registered for so you could check them out, then never bothered to go back to that site for whatever reason?

My solution to that is a small "bubble" of time, maybe one week, where they can attack but not be attacked in return. Day eight, they are targets. lol This way, players who do want to play will get a safe chance to get to know the game a little with no hospital time, but the true inactives will be there for everyone to hit as desired.
totally agree with eukaly,soulkeeper and Nick2 i lost 40% exp from trap in 2 days its hard to get exp on my level my idea is the trap will be unusable offline as i am not doing online attacks and now i don't think many players are happy if some player don't like offline attacks they have to use protection not trap
Conclusion: i will create an item named AntiTrap, when using it you will be able to attack only Offline players that are using traps. The prices will be same as traps. enjoy.
admin Wrote:The solution will be do make a dp, that will kill the trap on the other user if he is using it .. but then.. where will be the meaning of buying traps? Smile

and now u did it? honestly i dont understand this :?
Please read the conclusion. and also read the announcement in the game. AntiTrap is added.
hiya Smile

has it really changed for the better ?
lemme see.....

I will use myself as a reference :roll:
lvl 468
do crimes,streets, club, maybe a bit of training..
check kill list .......

uhoh...... no one to be found in the list!! cept for onliners...
I need at least way over level 100 to even get exp.

hmzz ok then lets do online attacks. the newest trend in underworld Tongue

uhoh....... again .... deals are being made to online attack each other so as to stop others doing it.....

add that all up.......what is left?
uhm....bake cookies? hug trees? coz there isnt much more left to do....
For the younger players this works well but not for the older ones. I see some saying , we are older so we are kinda * done with trying to move forward at a fast pace etcetc........well Im old and Im certainly not done wanting to get ahead!!
At this rate and in this way might get to 500 in a year orso......

reduce hosp time will help for sure, but even then there will be way too few * targets to go around.... spices up the game ? for sure ....but too much spice gives u stomach ache Tongue

war? why even bother, as said before one clan is fully protected and or also have traps the other could well be the same...or put in hosp by allies as the option to stay out of hosp and attack no longer exists ....

thats not a one able to attack each other, no respect to be gained.... sitting and waiting till one surrenders.....waste of time....

what would make it better? Im not sure...seems the game has reached its ceiling for the higher level players.

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