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Clock missing
I like the new look, I am sure it will be helpful, but unlike many others, I see no clock. I added a picture to prove it. lol Any explanations would be appreciated.
let me guess....u r using vista 64bit?
i have same prob... to see pages correct i mostly have to use the compatibility screen from the internet explorer... when i took it out now just to see if it helps i also see clock (but then page is really bs, lagging like hell at every single move)
so i think u can choose between big lags and see clock or no clock anymore...
vista 32 bit,same thing,no clock.
Thanks for the advice, i will make a note of it for when i need a clock. :-)

lol It is nice not to be told I am crazy, too. lol
well, for me works. and use FIREFOX Smile for a better view. and i`m using windows 7 - 64 bit. Smile
also using Vista but I only use firefox and I have no clock
i really don`t know then. i will put the clock where it was ..
i have vista and have clock,using firefox,IE and opera
I did as Milen@ suggested, I have a clock and no more trouble with lag than i was. Thank you Milen@!
clock is back

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