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Help For Newbies re Asmita
Asmita, you asked for it, here it is! Everyone, lets come up with ideas and suggestions, even if gathered from other games, to help keep our newest players till they are also older! We cannot ever expect another infusion like we received last January. I would not wish that on anyone. **shudder**

First, let's give them the "bubble" where they are safe, a week seems resonable. No one can attack them, though they can attack. Maybe for that week they will fail crimes, to let them know it can and will happen, but no jail or hospital time. Even five minutes can be devastating your first time in.

One thing to bear in mind, though. Limiting or removing trading (gifting also) directly between players sounds good and reasonable, but hurts the game. It can seriously hurt donations, also.

I feel the same way about limiting the access to the weapons. If a player has earned the money and the trust of a higher player to be given the chance to wield a weapon 500 levels above herself, she should be able to! It is part of playing the game, I think.

Any more ideas? Practical or not, lets throw them out there.

* Safety bubble of no attacks for a time period, not based on levels. (The inactives are targets for the next new ones.)

* No punishment for failure of crimes during the bubble.

(Love the donator pack idea, perhaps it could be the same length of time as the bubble?)

Edited to clean up suggestions. Comment added to save posts.
a free starter dp that last for 5 donater days or so (this will also make them realise what there missing when it runs out Smile )with a few meds and small amount of money in to buy a dumpster and to buy you out of recovery,i think recovery is a horrible place to get stuck when you 1st play and failing the crimes just makes the game seem impossible so help with buying the 1st house or dumpster what ever it is i cant remember would be a great help,as has been said before no attacks allowed for a week or until you reach level 2/3 to give you a bit of time to learn the game and perhaps volunteers could be sourced to act as mentors for a period of time that could automaticly be assigned to the new player when he or she starts the game,stay in the game and reach level 15 city and you get a bonus package of weapons and money after that lol you fend for your self also by then you should of made a few friends or joined a clan so should be ok
Great stuff guys.I like all of it.

Soul Keeper,I especially like your idea about mentors.So,will you be my mentor then?
Wonderful Ideas.

Thank you BitchyBear for starting it finally.
My suggestion is that you edit your first post and list out the concrete suggestions in simple bullets form which we can discuss.

Superb Ideas Soul.

so what we are talking here is:
1. A safety bubble for the 1st 5 levels.
2. A token 5 day DP with enough Money and drops to help understand the benefits of a DP.
3. When they get to say Level 2, give them a free Dumster.
4. Mentorship. This will really help. There are many of us who can and want to help but we hardly know who joined in.(The best idea so far.)

I want to volunteer to be the first mentor. BH i can be ur mentor. Lets start right away..... sit doggy sit..... :lol:

All senior players please put in your suggestions.

Here to Enjoy and Help.
Just ask!
Looks like the admin is active. he put in the changes immediately.

Admin, kudos.

Any update about the mentorship.....or is that a lot of work?
And is the attack indemnity in place?

Here is a new idea.
For the older/existing players:
A new referral program: Any referral that reaches level 5 will award 500 drops to the referee. And if the new player buys a DP give one to the referee as well.

that would encourage us to bring new players.

Here to Enjoy and Help.
Just ask!
I agree, go Admin!

Asmita, when I read your suggestion, I thought of all the people on my friends list who are now inactive.

What about an incentive to bring an inactive player back to the game, or an incentive for an inactive to return?

Also, if mentorship is too much programming, how do we find new players? I have one I am working with now. I would gladly help more, if I knew how to make contact.
I have tried a lot to bring friends here the ones who play games play the ones they like Mafia wars , VP-----I posted it 5 x n my face book account but no bites I have placed it daily in a forum I moderate which all he guys play games but still no bites. I will continue my persistance

as far as getting old players back I think that will be hard as the ones I tried to wont come back because of the corruption they saw.
Bitchy Bear i already suggested you as Guide to Admin. I hope he will do it soon. Wink

As for the idea indeed its good.. I tried to help some newbies and still do with some. If i see an add in the paper i usually do send money , some items and an email with some explanation... so its working somehow. Smile
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
Grt effort Osi. I am sure your efforts will turn good soon.

Kissme...ur helpful nature is quite well known. We all want to help, but that mentor think will make sure the newbies get the right help!

Here to Enjoy and Help.
Just ask!
How would you like that mentor thing to work? Smile How can players select a mentor .. ? Who are the mentors ? ...

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