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Tips for Newbies
Not sure where this belongs, so feel free to shift it as you see fit.

Money Protection
Open a Credit Card account as soon as you possibly can. Yes, this costs money, but open one as soon as you possibly can. It protects your money from being stolen, but leaves it also leaves it accessable to you from the shops. A Credit Bank Account is a very good idea, as soon as possible, as it pays interest, but the money is not accessible to make purchases, it must be withdrawn either as cash or to your Credit Card. Bank Accounts also cost more.

On this same subject, Blood Bank Accounts will protect your blood drops, though this bank does not pay interest. The small fee is cheap compared to having them stolen.

The Streets
Remember to check the streets every day. Use the "Streets" button on the left. Non-donators get 25 steps a day.

Here, remember to take it slowly, one step at a time. The reason is simple, one result steals money from you. Not only does the guy demand a set amount of cash, depending on how much you are carrying, but any cash you may have won since the page last refreshed will be gone. For some reason, the game does not acknowledge the money as actually being there until after the page refreshes.

The risk of the short hospital times (five minutes being max) is well worth it, you can make a lot of money, blood drops, and parcetamols (a basic medicine) at no cost to yourself.

Clubbing Three Times a Day
Make sure you hit the recovery Center each time before you start. You are only allowed 17 units of alcohol in your system before you are automatically booted from the club, and it takes 16 units for a full, successful trip.

Vote for UWW
This is a little thing to do that has a dual purpose. First, voting for the game serves the game, in making it look popular. More important, you gain from it. TOPRPG pays $300 cash, not a bad haul even for the older players. The other site gives 20% energy refill. No, again not much, but voting only takes a few seconds, and if you vote on one site you may as well vote on the second. This can be done once a day.

Get It On!!
This button on the left is for the gym. Be sure to use your energy to build your stats, as well as attacking. Higher stats will help you win attacks.

Lemarchand's Boxes
Lemarchand's boxes are found in the city. Yes, they cost money and there is a small risk, but for the most part, you will make much more than you will lose. As on the streets, you stand to gain money, meds, or Drops. You can lose money, though. I think the risk is well worth it.
Blood Drops Protection - Blood Bank

You can find it in the city on Money Makers.It costs 50Blood Drops but its worth it considering you can get robbed for Drops. So as soon as you can open one just as the Crdit Card. Better to protect your investment then lose it.

IQ - Labour - Better Crimes and Job

Many dont do it , but IQ is a very good investment in the beginning to get yourself a good job and do Crimes. The lower is your IQ the less you will succeded in finish a Crime.
As well Labour can be trained as normal stats so you better do it for a good payed Job.

The Blood School - Better stats for better Jobs

Start doing the School ASAP. It gives good rates in Stats and it doesnt cost that much and doesnt take that long. It will help you in getting a better job and raise your stats nicely.

Your Job

Try to get a Job ASAP. Gives you stats and money to help you getting better and better in the game.

Inside My Home

For Donators is 3times per day Refil Energy and Blood. For Non-Donators is only 1 time per day. So its still a good Add in the Game for any player.

Your Referrals

For each Referral you get 5Blood Drops.[unless is changed Big Grin ] All you need to do is to give your referral link to your friends to login in the game. You can find the refferal link in the City and it should look something like this:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->[your id number-example mine 15]

Newbie`s place

You can find it in the city on West Side :

"Hello, here is the place where all newbies in the game can be helped.
If you are Age 1 you will receive: 5 donator days, 100 blood drops and 2,000 eur game money.
If you are Age 2 you will get a Wooden box.

That`s all fox.Lucky me."
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
Great. I added a link to this page - on <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
To change cities, you go to the Understation in the city you are in. Cities are unlocked upon reaching the proper age. To give an idea, here is a partial list.

When you get married, you have the benefit of sleeping with your partner every hour. Only once per couple per hour. You can be given meds, full hunger, or fall off the bed. If you get full energy, your partner goes to the hospital for 30 minutes.

Another nice advantage is you can allow your partner access to most of your money holdings. Any banks and cash in hand, as well as drops in hand, can be made accessable, if you chose. Credit cards are not included in this. It is possible for one partner to allow access and the other not to permit it.

I will let you discover the marriage counciling option, other than to tell you if your Happiness is above ten, it is not available.


Every time you sleep with your partbner, you are each given one Happiness point. To the best of my knowlege, the only use for these points, other than bragging rights, is to be traded in at the Blood Drop Temple for Drops.
About Clans

The idea isa Clan is a group that works together, to train and fight. Peaceful Clans do not War, but they do train and some are designed to train you to War, while others are just for people who only want to hang out and have fun.

One huge advantage is Clans can help protect you a bit. Most people will hesitate to hit a player online if they are a member of a strong enough Clan, because they know then the other Clan members will make their lives Hell. lol Also, if you do get in a bad situation, it ideally gives you more powerful players to try to help you work out the problem. That is part of a Clan President's job, to help and protect his members. For example, if a player is making you his punch-bag, online, and will not stop, you talk to your Clan President who then talks to the player, and to the player's Clan President, to put an end to it. Ideally, a few mails get exchanged, and it all stops. If you caused the situation, most Presidents will explain what you did, and how to handle it in the future. We spend a lot of time teaching.

Also, if you get in the right group, you can make some decent money, paid daily by most groups. Money always helps. lol Some Clans will also help with weapons and housing, either gifting the money or loaning it. This also tends to provide you with an "in" to getting access to higher level stuff than you can reach yet. The higher the levels, the higher the city players have access to. Thus, more and better toys. lol

One thing to remember, though, is "powerful" does not necessarily mean stronger or higher level, though it usually does. "Powerful" also refers to the respect the players in the game have for one particular player, or the Clan. Respect is the key in this game, and it is not always measurable by numbers. Bear that in mind whern you deal with others, and try to always be honest. It will be noticed, and it will help you succeed here.

One final thing. I suggest writing to the President or Vice President of the Clans you may be interested in, and see what exactly they offer, and if you LIKE them. Working closely with someone you do not like really damages the game, trust me. After you talk to them a little, then apply. I never saw a need to apply at more than one Clan at a time; by the time you apply, you should know where you want to be, and know they want you to join, also.

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